The shovel flag was planted as the PAX of 13 braved another chilly morning, the warm front cannot come fast enough. Jackson Browne and then Smashing Pumpkins in my head on the way in….The Eagles on the the way back. Where’s the Hit Man’s portbable player when you need it?  I still remember Tupac’s “California Love” on the MPHS Football Field after running the 170s last March with Dredd ragging on me for wearing a fleece “power” vest that I still own but no longer fits. It’s funny what you choose to remember and can never forget.  At 5:42 there were only 4 before the “Field of Dreams” lights started pulling in…always a wonderful sight to my eyes. 

The Thang:

SSH x65 (We exercise while we wait for the stragglers)

Run to Brooks (stops for Bear Crawls, High Knees, Backwards Run, Crab Walk)


Mountain Climbers x35

Imperial Walkers x35

Carolina Dry Docks x 25

Good Mornings x35

Plank Jacks x25


Split into groups. Partner 1 runs the track at 100% while partner 2 goes AMRAP..tag and rotate

Exercises: Merkins, Burpees, Squats, LBCs, Wide Arms

The Clock

Everyone finds spot on the hill in plank position. Stops at 12, 3, 6, & 9 o’clock with 12 cadence count of the following:

Diamonds, Right Arm Stagger, Decline, Left Arm Stagger (I heard FEBA here, YHC felt it too)

Jog to front of Brooks Elementary

Mini Jump Ups x 20

LBD (Little Baby Dips) x 20

Standard Dip x 20

Incline Merkins x 20

Left Arm Inclines x 12

Right Arm Inclines x 12


Rosalita x 35

LBCs x 50

Flutters x 25

Low Plank Hold Circle with 7 count

Star Jumps x 20

Jog back towards North Hills Park with several “He Sees Me” stops including a 30 count plus Sarkozy & Putin

Sprint the final 1/4 Mile

COT and that is all…


-Was hoping for a Money Hose sighting to send out his last day as a 33 year old in style. MH shares a birthday with notables Bob Eubanks (75), Stephen Hawking (71),  David Bowie (66) and “The King”  Elvis Presley (78….he’s still alive I tell you!).  Lots of greatness born on Jan 8th, but only one I personally know in 1979. Come out and kick off day one of 34 at Shelley Lake tomorrow at 5:45 (park off Millbrook) for a party theme inspired by Chong Li.

-YHC decided to run to the workout this morning with the idea he could get a ride home from Fazio. Turns out Fazio had the same idea on both fronts. Rather than thumbing it back, we both took to our feet on the return trip. 

-My 2.0 is a Girl Scout and it’s cookie season. If you do not have a connection already, let me know. Boxes can be donated to the military, and if you are in the 6 week challenge they will be delivered just in time for you to reward yourself.  $3.50 per

-BSF open house tonight. Meet White Shoe at 6:45 in front of the North Hills Starbucks if you’d like to go. It’ll run past kickoff so set your DVR if you want to see every play and out of respect please no e-mails or texts to WS regarding the game till after midnight.

-Safe travel wishes to India and back for Fungo, look forward to having you back out at NH on the 28th as the Q!

-Prayers to RB’s friend in the hospital, tough time for him and his family I’m sure.