24 Pax including 4 FNGs posted at Pullen Park on a crisp 28 deg Saturday morning. We went on a safari through the cold and ended up finding a gaggle of merkins.

The Thang

Warm-up run
SSH x20
Imperial Walkers x20
Mountain Climbers x20
Good Mornings x20
Lap around the pond – lunge walk over the bridges – end at grass circle.

Safari run – break up into two teams
Team 1 – fast lap around the pond (3/8 mi)
Team 2 – bear crawl across lawn and back
Team 1 – faster lap up the stairs and back down (1/4 mi)
Team 2 – duck walk across lawn and back
Team 1 – fastest lap around the Carousel (1/8 mile)
Team 2 – crab walk across lawn and back

Fellowship run up to the upper field

Circle-o-Merkins ladder
2- standard
4 – diamond
6 – CDD
8 – spiderman
10 – Side to side merkins – although the PAX had some explicative names for this one…
12 – dive-bombers
14 – star merkins – wide feet and wide grip
13 – standard
11 – diamond
9 – CDD
7 – Spiderman
5 – Side to side
3 – dive-bombers
1 – star

Mosey to halfpipe
Alternating Left-Right step-ups x 20
dips x 10
one leg squats x 10 each leg
french dip – 20 count
one leg deadlifts x 10 each leg
Repeato with Box jumps instead of Alt R-L

Mosey back to lawn by Carousel for 6 minutes of Mary
LBC x 20
Low plank hold – around the circle for a 5 count
Rosalita x 20
High / low slow scissors x 20
Putin x 20
Sarkozy x20



  1. T-Claps for Fazio, Chong Li, Floppy Disk for starting an hour early with rucks to post a nice Saturday double (and Maize for the ruck work, but 2.0 basketball kept him from joining us for the second hour). Double T-claps for Floppy Disk for keeping his ruck for the second hour. Here is the Buck Rogers report from Floppy Disk – http://www.trainingpeaks.com/av/Y7HH2STRX4A4QYTOYOD7EU4S6Y
  2. Four FNGs had a good time with us, and endured some strange stream of consciousness naming – White Shoe, we wonder sometimes, thanks for the full explanation.
  3. Appreciate everyone persevering through my inaugural Q. Turned out to be much harder than it looked on paper. I hated duck walks during high school, and now I remember why. I nearly had a reversal of fortune from the banana I ate pre-workout – that would have been bad form.
  4. We hope that CK’s knee improves and turns out to not be as serious as thought.