The Virtual Shovel Flag was planted in the gloom at 7AM.  8 PAX, undeterred by the frosted grass and frigid pavement, arrived for this morning’s downPAINment.

Indian run around East Campus.

SSH x 20
Lunges x 20
Mountain climbers x 20
Merkins x 10
Jump lunges x 10

Mosey on over to the quad.

Baker’s Dozen:
13 reps, 13 exercises, 30 yard sprint down and back before each exercise (in full disclosure we only got to 11 due to time constraints).
Dry docks
Star jumps
Air squats
Walking lunges
One other that I can’t remember

Mosey on down to another grassy area.

Enter The Beast:
3 cones set up 10 yards apart.  6 reps at each cone and one at the starting line (6 sets of each exercise).  Ideally we would have done 6 exercises, but we ran out of time, again.
Run to the cones and merkins
Backward run and jump lunges
Karaoke run and partner squats (one partner on the others back)
Bear crawl and LBCs
Run and burpees

No time for Mary today, just a jog back for COT.


– Today Durham F3 had its first Merlot spillage – FNG Flying J after the LBCs.  It gets better, brother.  Tclaps to him for doing some burpees after that.
– Tclaps to FNGs Flying J and Schrute for posting today.  Good to have some new blood in the Bull City.
– Tclaps to The Stig for posting for second straight time – he’s already pushing the regular PAX to new levels.