Raining.  Cold.  Eerily quiet on New Year’s Double Down +1.  No Floppy.  Yellow Stallion’s in the stable.  No Buck Rogers.  No Chong Li.  Gone.  The Dueling AC Cowling Wagons?  Married in secret (White Shoe and Grillz will now make awkward small talk at joint family events).  Fazio?  He caught the last train for the coast.  Not even a jogger to pass by and get the cold ask.  For a moment, I thought I saw some late model Acura wagon idling oddly with obscure REM lyrics booming, but it wasn’t Wendell Gee.  Senior the Dog has still been found.  Otherwise, it was historically sparse at Ball Bearings.

A grizzled few were there.  Howard and Au Pair?  Check.  Double Downers.  Kupec?  Right out of the Yankees Bullpen, throwing heat.  TARP?  Enron?  Utah?  Maize?  Check.  Check.  Our own personal Polaris–Big Sproles–is always there.  He was there before and will be there again.  He will never leave….And off we go…

The Thang:

Warm Up Run to upper parking lot near soccer field.  Alternating Left Right step ups; SSHs, ALRSUs, SSHs (Dan Jansen style), Fazio Circles (kept waiting for the real Fazio to roll in late.  We just listened to “Tuesday’s Gone” on repeat on a discman Au Pair rigged up.  Single tear).

Muck Raking.  Jog to Fence Line.  3 Sets Balls to Wall 15 Count.

Bear Gorilla Bear.  10 Times: 10 Yd. Bear Crawl; 10 Yd. Gorilla Run; 10 Yd. Bear Crawl; 20 Merkins; Sprint Back.

Jailbreak.  At Stone Circle, 3 Times: 10 One Arm Inclined Mercan (Left); 10 One Arm Inclined Mercan (Right); 10 Tricep Dips; Bound Leg Bunny Hop Up Stone Benches to Top of Amphitheater.  Run back.

Six Minutes of Mary: Cannonballs; Rosalitas; Peter Parkers; Parker Peters; Very Long High Plank Hold

COT conducted during Very Long High Plank Hold


200 Merkins cost some time and pain; but the cold hands were free.

On hours in service, the New Years Plus 1 Boys can’t touch the New Years Double Downers, but the boys out there this morning dug in and held the line.  It was the closest thing to a drive by morning I’ve felt, and I ran up there in a A1 Quality Kirkland Trash Bag.

Tclaps to Au Pair and Howard for Double Downing and posting this morning.  Au Pair has a Dimaggio esque post line.  He’s been on a streak since the summer of ’91.

Tclaps to Johnny Utah for never disappointing.  Utah’s Dirt Stomper has the clearest profile of any vehicle in the F3 fleet.  That’s one thing.  Another is that Utah claimed to forget his own F3 name this morning.  I think he was kidding.  Another is that Utah never fails to remind us that he is in his twenties.  And not old.  Prime example when Utah was the only pax who actually had a beverage in hand at  midnight hour on New Years.  Rest of us celebrated honorary New Year and went to bed at 10.  But in ’02?  In ’02, the Truckers were playing and we were there, man.  We were there.

Somebody said the Gliders were playing next week.  That is all.





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  • Classic Money Hose if I ever read one!!! You never fail to entertain! I do feel bad about missing that one (200 merkins and not even sure what a gorilla run is) but the full thickness tear in the supraspinatus was bothering me a bit so I fartsacked. I guess that’s what I miss for giving in to a bit of pain…I will see you in the gloom at Pullen.

  • Enron has the Q this Saturday at Pullen, my guess is it won’t be done quietly. Excellent post, my day is off to a good start. The clear trash bag look reminded me of the father at Disney World in the rain….”I don’t care what it’s like out there, but we are going to enjoy it and not complain. Let’s go.”

  • Solid references in the BB – Truckers are awesome. I also recommend PolyAmerica (maker of the Husky brand) for your waste collection needs.

    If I can unchain myself from my hotel next time I’m in the Capital City, I’ll enlist in some punishment (last visit was during the 12 days of burpees).

  • That, my friend, is a classic. Box sets are in production as we speak. Despite the no-show, I’m hoping I can still get a mention in the liner notes.

  • The trash bag deserves more than a passing mention. It was so sleek, it almost looked custom. Still not convinced that some Tom James clothier didn’t rig that thing up for you.

    Enron was another double downer, but he didn’t bring it like me and Howard did on Tuesday, so the non-mention can be justified.

  • Fantastic Backblast, Money Hose. Very well done. I hear Chong Li was out interviewing for 6 more jobs (gotta keep it fresh) and FD was busy with a 17 hour ruck. Glad to see that those who posted turned in a strong performance.

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