A dedicated PAX showed up on a drizzly morning to usher in the New Year with a double dose of good fun and clean living.

The Thang Round 1 (7 am) – Fazio Q:

Warmup Circle – SSH, Imperial Walkers, Good Mornings

Run to Baseball Field for Lucky 13’s:  13  30-yard sprints with series of 13-count exercises after each round

  • Round 1:  sprint, standard merkins, squats, LBC’s
  • Round 2:  sprint, cross-fit merkins, single leg dead lifts, high slow flutters
  • Round 3:  sprint, slow-count merkins, jumping lunges, Freddy Mercury
  • Round 4:  sprint, high plank hold, squat hold, Rosalitas
  • Round 5:  sprint, staggered left merkins, calf raises, dying cockroaches
  • Round 6:  sprint, staggered right merkins, lunge walks, Dollies
  • Round 7:  sprint, diamond merkins, mountain climbers, Russian Hammers
  • Round 8:  sprint, sarkozy/putin, alternating  single arm/single leg planks, cannonballs
  • Round 9:  sprint, wide arm merkins, squat jumps,  Homer to Marge
  • Round 10:  sprint, peter parkers, low flutters
  • Round 11:  sprint, dry docks, WWII situps
  • Round 12:  sprint,  low plank hold, 6 inch leg hold
  • Round 13:  sprint down and back

Mosey back to parking lot

The Thang Round 2 (8 am) – Pac Man Q:

Warmup w/SSH and Imperial Walkers

Run around lake w/walking lunges over bridge

COP – merkins, mountain climbers, arm circles, slaloms, wide arm merkins

Deja Vu Run to Baseball Field for wheelbarrows, side shuffles, karaoke, lbc’s, bear crawls

Pass-the-ruck Indian Run to picnic tables

Dips and knee ups (3 sets)

Run train tracks around lake to ampitheater

Mary:  lbc’s, Freddy Mercury, Homer to Marge, WWII situps, flutters, 6 inch leg hold



  • Tclaps to everyone who participated in the double-down today.  Safe to say that few if any of us would have thought about tackling that a few short months ago.
  • Kotters to Burt, Slash and Cheesesteak.  Great to have you back brothers.  #dontbeastranger
  • Tclaps to White Shoe and Floppy for toting their rucks for the second half.   Floppy’s growing affinity for his pack was particularly noticeable during Mary.  Strictly business relationship, I”m told, but I’m beginning to have my doubts.
  • Hearty welcome to FNG 9-Volt.  Good to have you join our ranks and look forward to seeing you out again soon.
  • We give thanks for the joys of 2012, especially to those who were blessed to add M’s and 2.0’s this past year.  We also give thanks for the memories of loved ones who passed away and ask for comfort for those dealing with the loss.  Here’s to a happy and healthy 2013 for all.