Five PAX appeared out of the gloom and started the year off on the right foot at Duke’s East Campus for a healthy downPAINment …

The Thang: the murph?

1 mile run
side shuffle hop x15, mountain climbers x10, imperial walkers x5 (apparently calling them imperial stormtroopers is incorrect)

60 pullups
120 standard merkins
180 air squats

and much to everyone’s dismay… surprise 1 mile run back to campus…

13 exercises for 2013 – max out or 50, whichever happens first
1. Standard merkins
2. Little baby crunches
3. 6″ leg raise
4. Alternating jump lunges
5. planks (bows and toes)
6. Supermans
7. Carolina drydocks
8. Low slow flutter
9. Partner squats (piggyback style)
10-13: standard, stagger R, stagger L, diamond merkins


T-claps to our New Year’s Day FNG “The Stig” as he raised the intensity level without losing last night’s merlot.

Happy New Year!