With the new years brings recruiting to a new level.  Many new guys to meet who started in the last couple weeks.  As we were all mingling around, this wild gang of thugs show up with backpacks and heavy objects.  Are these really F3 guys?  Why yes, they were doing the double down with Rucks, hats off to you!

Run to stone circle
SSH x20
mountain climbers x15
good mornings x15
merkins x20

run up the stairs to the fields
karaoke 40yards
backwards run through the field 100yards

picnic tables for
dips x15
incline merkins x15
dips x8
french dip x8
low merkin hold x10

run through the half pipe, through the tennis courts, and over to the parking garage
run up the stairs, line up on parking deck
paint the lines x15 (sprint forward, sprint back, burpees, move to next line)
run down the stairs, circle around back up the stairs
scrub the lines x10 (run forward, side shuffle two spots, run back, burpee)
100 yard sprint
plank hold
5 merkinds
100 yard sprint
plank hold
mountain climbers x5
merkins x5
karaoke 40 yards
plank hold
merkins x5
karaoke 40 yards
merkins x5
sprint 100 yards

run down the stairs, back to the park, around the lake to the ampitheatre for MMOB beatdown.

ssh x15
leg rolls 10 each
lbc x20
merkins x15
mountain climbers x15
partner up for:
decline merkins x13 each
gym situps x13 each
over and unders x10 each

lbc x20
russian hammers x16
rosalitas x20
flutter kicks x15
6 inch leg hold x15

tunnel of love

tclaps to MMOB and outlet for posting from Charlotte
tclaps to MMOB for leading the last 20 minutes
tclaps to our new FNG’s.  Keeping up and holding strong, look forward to more pain in the near future.
tclaps to Big Sproles for staying in the front of the pack, big change from 6 months ago!

The PAX enjoyed some unpredictability from CK this morning.  No walking lunges, preparation for a sprint, and doing other exercises instead, and a good old fashioned cardio burner.