(posted on behalf of Toto, who came strong with his first Q. Almost immediately his Weinke fell victim to a drop/step on the wet field, so he led the rest from memory. Aye brother, looking forward to Q no. 2)

So a dead Ford Focus battery couldn’t stop me from doing my first Q, but it did make me about 5 minutes late.

The Thang:

Warm up:
Ran around the field(s) once.
SSH x 30
Arm Circles x 12 each way (I lost count in the middle but we powered through!)
Windmill x 12
Imperial Walker x 20
Mountain climbers x 20

Ran to the playground area for:
Three rounds of assisted pullups x 10 and the folks waiting did Irkins and Dips.

Back to the field for two rounds of Usain Bolts:
Slow Merkins
Dan Jansens (2x)
Slow Squats
Willie Mays Hayes
and more that I can’t remember

Then the Ark Loader:
Bear crawl, sprint
Gorilla Walk, sprint
Crab Walk, sprint
Bear crawl, sprint

Then to the Reign of Terror:
Plank, right arm to the sky, left arm to the sky, right leg up and then left leg up (2x)
Human Wheelbarrow
Slow Squats
and one I cannot remember

LBC x 25
Rocky Balboas x 15
LBC x 10
Freddy Mercury x 25
Long Slow Flutters x alot