Hot, Humid and Wet, just the way a Monday in June (or a gal named June Monday) should be. The virtual shovel flag was planted at North Hills park for a PAX of 26. YHC warned the PAX of a quick pace and challenged them to keep up with the 2.0 purple barney watch keeping track.

The Thang

Jog to Hyde Hill, Backward run up, bearcrawal down. Continue to Brooks Elementary school. No time for any further warm up, time for your Six Pack Schooling.

The goal was to complete 6 sixpack stations with 6 exercises of 6 reps at each station:

Station 1: 6 Wall jumps followed by 6 Burpees, rinse and repeat x3 OYO. Plankorama while PAX finshed.

Mosey to Track for Station 2: Sprint half lap Merkins x 6, sprint half lap Merkinx x 6. Rinse and repeat x 3 OYO. Plakorama while Pax finished.

Mosey to basketball court for Station 3: Suicide on bball court then run to railings for plank walk rinse and repeat x3 OYO. Plankorama while PAX finshed.

Mosey to back of school for Station 4: Run up steps for Starjumps x 6, back down steps, bearcrawal up hill, run down starjumps x 6. Rinse and repeat x 3 OYO. Squat hold while PAX finished.

Mosey to Hill for Station 5: Run up steep hill, touch school, run back down for Burpees x6. Repeato x 6. Peoples chair on fence while PAX finished.

Mosey to parking lot for Station 6: Run up steps to playground for derkins x 6 back down steps for balls to the wall drydocks x 6. Rinse and repeat x 3 OYO. Plank hold till PAX finished.

Jog back to Hyde Hill, LBC x 30. Sprint up Hyde Hill.

Jog to corner of Currituck for American Hammer x30.

Sprint down Hill to park entrance for Ski Abs x 20.

Mission Accomplished.



Great effort by the PAX, no 10 counts, no resting. Zima’s on me at the next 2nd F.

Welcome FNGs Dodge ball (A local Gym Teacher) and Azul (an IBMer)

Tclaps to Bob Villa for winning the sprint back to the Park.

As much as YHC tried, Cotton wouldn’t breathe hard, Dude is a machine.