11 PAX, including FNGs Cheddar and Sprewell, came out for training this morning for the 2nd lesson at Agoge. Today we had a celebrity in our midst (2 if you count Maize). Mr. Mike Tyson showed us how to go 10 rounds and still come up swinging! I think the rain near the end helped too.

The Thang:


    SSH x 25
    Prisoner Squats x 20
    Imperial Walkers x 20
    Sir Fazio Arm Circles x 10 forward & back

10 Rounds (+1) with Tyson
10 Exercises, 3 sets of 10 for each. Start at one end of soccer field, sprint to mid-field for 1st set of exercise, sprint to end-field do 2nd set, sprint back to mid-field for 3rd set, sprint back to start and plank. Some plank sessions longer than others with visits from Putin and Sarkozy.

    Star Jumps
    Standard Merkins
    Jumping Lunges
    Diamond Merkins
    Freddie Mercury
    Wide Grip Merkins
    WWII Situps
    Spiderman Merkins
    Reverse Burpees (come up swinging!)

Mosey up the hill and across the dale to the brick wall for some Peoples Balls.

    Peoples Chair in cadence x 15
    Balls2Wall in cadence x 15

Repeato x 3

Mosey back across the dale to the shovel flag to finish up with an abbreviated Mary

High-Slow flutter x 25
Russian Hammer x 15

Another great job by the PAX. Everyone kept moving and working their best all the way through. Several good prospects for upcoming Qs in this bunch!