To 18 PAX, the 10th of June meant one of two things; celebrating the anniversary of Benjamin Franklin flying his kite into a thunderstorm, or to absorb the late-painment fees for their June mortgage.

Into the park we went…

Warm-up: (Upper pool parking lot… aka “visitor parking”)

SSH x15
Plank Jacks x15
Merkins x15
Imperial Walkers x15

The Thang: 

Sadly, the “park” HOA wasn’t able to fix the drainage issues in time for last night’s monsoon so the PAX found themselves on a sopping wet back porch (tennis courts). YHC relayed that since a traditional single-wide modular home is 1,680 sq ft, we’d be running the equivalent linear feet.

Split into groups of 9 (divided by the netting) and begin–
Sprint #1: Merkins x20, 360′ sprint (360 ft), 20 Merkins and return.
Sprint #2: Burpees x20, 360 ft sprint, burpees x20 and return.
Sprint #3: LBC’s x20, 360 ft sprint, LBC’s x20 and return.
Sprint #4: Plank jacks x7 every 60 feet to far doubles line and back (42 total, 360′)
Sprint #5: Bear crawl 60 feet, then Russian Hammers x8. Gorilla hop the next 60 feet, Russian Hammers x8. Long jump remaining 60 feet, Russian Hammers x8, return with sprint between 60 foot intervals.  (48 total, 180 ft)

Recover on the run down the “halfpipe,” and up to the large pavilion for some pest control…

PAX split into two groups and setup to attack spiderman walks in the gap between picnic tables. First man starts with Irkins x10, then jumps onto the table and spiderman walks the length of 8 tables. While Irkins and Spidermans’ are happening, remaining PAX are doing AMRAP air squats. Repeat x2

After all the spiders and cobwebs have been eradicated, find a picnic table for total muscle destruction:

Dips x10
Irkins x10
Alt L/R step ups: 8 each leg
(all in cadence)  repeat x2

Recover on the run down the hill, past the carousel and onto the near-side path around our beloved watering hole; pair up. Wheel barrow walk 35 feet, then flapjack. Repeat the length of the lake and hold plank at the bridge until everyone arrives. To finish the loop, the PAX enjoyed a brisk pace back to the grassy patch for Mary.


WWII x10
Reverse LBC’s x10
LBC’s x10
Russian Hammers x20 (halfway through they became double time RH’s)

-F2 event tomorrow, 6/11, at The Crick– a no drop run from Briar Creek Comm. Center to Trali for cellular rebuilding, and return by 10pm. (8pm start)
-F2 event on Thursday, 6/12 at Tir Na Nog. Food will be provided
-Calling all PAX interested in Q’ing the Forge. Click on Mr. Rogers/Epoxy’s name on the site to register… maiden Q’s are encouraged.

Prayer Requests:

– Please continue to keep Hush Puppy’s family in your prayers as they continue their battle.
– New Mexico’s M’s cousin is having brain surgery in they very near future.
– Electrolux and his M during this challenging time; his mother fell at the pool and injured her elbow. Please wish her the most swift and safe recovery.
**Please excuse my short-term memory if I left anyone out…)

Country wide took us out.

Desire is the key to motivation, but it’s the determination and commitment to unrelenting pursuit of your goal – a commitment to excellence – that will enable you to attain the success you seek.” Mario Andretti.

It was an honor to lead these 18 men through the blood, sweat and dirt of The Forge on another glorious summer morning. Each and every man pushed himself to the limits today and it was a pleasure enduring the late painment next to you all.

Although YHC has not met the majority of our F3 brotherhood, the collective “unrelenting pursuit of your goal,” motivates and inspires me on a daily basis.