25 Pax still arrived at Urban Jungle this morning, after having been Tweeted by YHC that they would be “Smushed” today.  After ten months of subtle and direct jabs (from BB Mouth Breathers…mostly Au Pair, but even UJ Brothers like Wilson) about my first UJ Q that was patterned as a “Shopping Trip to the Mall”, I decided to put together today’s workout at a level of pain that would hopefully put an end to “Shopping” catcalls.  Today’s workout was not complicated at all….was simple in theory.   Here it is:

Partner with someone of like size/weight and run down Lassiter Mill to the Aldert Root parking lot…..this is a .9 mile journey.  Halfway down we stopped and warmed up as follows:

15 Windmills….or were they Good Mornings?

15 Sir Fazio Arm Circles….then reverse and do 15 more

15 Good Mornings….or were they Windmills?   My philosophy is the Q can call them whatever the heck he wants to!

10-4 Count Merkins…with the PAX told to have good form as they needed to warm up their shoulders and arms for what was to come.

Finish run to the Root parking lot.  The good news is we weren’t going to run up Lassiter Mil.  Bad news is we were instead going to do Birth Control Glasses (BCGs) as follow:

Bear Crawl 1/10 mile….this is 528 feet….1 and 1/2 football fields…..UP HILL as are all the following.  After Bear Crawl, Partner Carry 1/10 mile, then Flapjack for another 1/10 mile

Crabwalk and Partner Carries same distance

Gorilla same distance…..time was running out so we ran the last 2/10 mile to JC Penny parking lot.  YHC arrived last and announced no Mary; but with Bob Villa having just joined us on his way back from Fletcher Kettle Bells, the PAX said we had to feel more pain.  This led to 60 4-count American Hammers, with Villa picking up the count at 15 as YHC was done.

We did Namorama, Announcements, Prayer Requests, Devotion (as below) and Fazio led us out in Prayer….his words (backed up by HIS Words) were powerful as always.

–Shaggy just tweeted “Gotta love when a PAX demands more pain after doing BCGs and partner carries UP Lassiter Hill”.   Guys, there is much meaning to me in Shaggy’s statement here that has and continues to be such a Blessing to me.  Halfway up Lassiter Hill I was thinking this was way too much to have as a workout…..but looking around nobody was stopping.   Thank you all for Standing in the Gap and Not Backing Up when it gets mighty hard.


Today’s Devotion…from Oz Hillman’s Ministry to Men/TGIF

Preparation for Greatness

“He trains my hands for battle; my arms can bend a bow of bronze.” – 2 Samuel 22:35 David was a mighty warrior, and God described him as a man after His own heart. God took David through a training ground that could be looked on as cruel and unusual punishment by many a person. God chose him at a young age to be the next king, yet King Saul rejected him and hunted him down. David was a fugitive for many years. He had uprisings in his own family, and he had relationship problems. He had a life of extreme ups and downs. He certainly did not have a life free of problems; he made mistakes. He was human like all of us, yet he learned from his mistakes and repented when he failed. This was David’s training ground; it made the man. Without these hardships, it is doubtful David would have accomplished what he did.

Toward the end of David’s life, he recounted his relationship with God. It is a sermon on God’s ways of dealing with a servant leader.

It is God who arms me with strength and makes my way perfect. He makes my feet like the feet of a deer; He enables me to stand on the heights. He trains my hands for battle; my arms can bend a bow of bronze. You give me Your shield of victory; You stoop down to make me great. You broaden the path beneath me, so that my ankles do not turn (2 Samuel 22:33-37).

God was David’s source for everything. God gave him the ability to achieve the many extraordinary things in his life. It was a lifelong training ground that moved him from one plateau to another, often dropping into a ravine of despair and hopelessness from time to time. These are God’s ways. They drive us deeper and deeper into the heart of Him who has prepared a way for us. Let God take you to the heights or depths He desires for you. He never promised smooth sailing during the trip, but He did promise to be the captain and companion along the way.