8 pax posted (on time) to the OEC for a Dunphy-led beatdown. Along the way they picked up Coco and Adolphus (training for the upcoming GoRuck NOGOA), who fell in with rucks on as the collected pax got down to it.

Jog to Upper Church Parking Lot

Burpee Warm Up:
SSH x20
Burpees x5
Williw Mays Hays x10
Burpees x5
Good Mornings x10
Burpees x5
Arm Circles x10 each way
Burpees x5
Step Back Lunges x 10
Burpees x5
Mountain Climbers x10
Nona Secret Burpee x1 (for Shooter)

To Field:
2 teams of 5
High Knees over others legs while they do merkins for 35 yards
Wheelbarrow return
Bear crawl back
Repeat x3

To Hill:
7 burpees, 7 squats, 7 merkins at each landing
90 deg on wall and plank it out while all PAX finish at each landing

Back to Lot for Mary:
20 LBCs
6inch leg holds with flutters and hello dollies?
Merkins until you can’t (thanks Coco)
Plank jacks
Russian Hammers
The “TI” Hammers
Parker Peters
Mountain climbers
The Bernie finish: Burpees x10