A Heavy Metal record 18 Pax strapped in for a roller coaster ride of obstacle course mania a la heavy metal Thursday morning.  Here is a rough description of the path that was traveled:

Warm Up: Jog the course – Windmills 10x – SSH 10x – Good Morning 10x

The Course:

Rope Climb -> Chuck & Run -> Pullups (5) -> Derkins (20) -> Lateral Swingset Traverse (down and back) -> KB Swing (20) -> Bball Court Bear Crawl -> El Jefe Run to the Border and back -> Bus Stop Crab Walk -> Beeched Good Mornings (20) -> Sled -> DONE

Each PAX did the course twice

Mary (Q’d by Fungo):

Plank-o-rama: High Plank, 5 Merkins, Putins, 5 Merkins, Sarkozys, 5 Merkins
RBCs x 30
Russian Hammers x 25
High slow flutter x 20
Cannonballs x 20
Peter Parkers x 20
Parker Peters x 20


  •  By far the highlight of the morning for YHC was hearing King David tell the story of being in the hospital the day before for his father’s surgery and running into Tecumseh, who happened to be working in the same area, and Tecumseh going out of his way to make sure that King David and his mom were informed and comforted during the entire procedure.  Impossible to do the story justice here, but it was a powerful example of the way that F3 is affecting our lives in ways much greater than increasing our ability to do burpees.  YHC was again reminded of what a privelege it is to be associated with you all.
  • Sign Up for the Spartan Sprint – March 23-24 – F3 Raleigh has guys running each day
  • Talk to Utah if you want to shave your head for St. Baldrick’s on April 7
  • There are Capital Punishment F3 shirts available on the Mudgear website
  • GORUCK Challenge is in Raleigh – May 25 – Communicate with White Shoe if you want to do this – standing 5:45 am GORUCK Training at Pullen on Saturdays until the Challenge