Warm Up–Jog up Washington Street to upper parking lot area; Alternating Left Right Step Ups; Fazio Circles; Good Mornings; Imperial Walkers–Jog to Stone Circle

Mericans: 10 Standard; 10 dry docks; 10 wide; 10 diamonds; 10 stagger (l); 10 stagger (r); 10 standard; 10 wide; 10 diamonds; 10 dry docks; 10 knuckle mericans; 10 Decline-Jog to Pavilion

Dog Legs: 6 Times Up to top of amphitheater from pavilion; 3 jump ups + 10 dips at each bench; sprint to lamp post; 6 single-leg burpees.  Jog back to pavilion.  Plank.

Elevens: 10, 9, 8…1 Incline Mericans + 1, 2, 3…10 Single Leg Squats



  • Final appearance at Ball Bearings for a while by Sir Flopham Disk.  He’s getting shoulder implants or something this time next week.  Miss him we will.
  • Tclaps to Flatline.  Who probably had a pretty peaky line at Ball Bearings on Wednesday.  We’re glad that Grillz got him involved.  We are now organizing a double negative EH where the original EHee EHs the original EHer.  Stay with me.
  • Spartan Announcement:  Still spots for Spartan Race in March in Charlotte.  Saturday and Sunday teams en route.  Talk to somebody.  Jokes galore.
  • GoRuck Announcement:  GoRuck F3 Raleigh Team is forming.  Talk to White Shoe.  Number 9 Caller to sign up receives a complimentary pair of Bermuda Embassy Socks, in Winter Black, from White Shoe’s Private Label.  #Seemslikedumbwooltome
  • We knew on Wednesday morning that Honorary F3/Raleigh Brother King Solomon was under the knife.  We were with him and King David.
  • Interesting Graffiti from Mr. Fazio.