As the sun rose over Duke’s East Campus, 12 eager men, including our Raleigh brother CK, got to business on an extended 90-minute pain-session… don’t forget your paver…

Indian run, stretches

Floyd takes the Q for “Balls of Fire” – a satanic version of Dungeons and Dragons with 1 soccer ball labelled with exercises and another labelled with numbers
Burpees x10
Air squats x20
Merkins x12
Mountain climbers x12
Air squats x10
something else xsome number

Over to the quad with some block exercises and “bob and weave”… or “lil jon’s ”

CK grabs the Q and shows us how Pullen Park does it
Russian hammers x30
WW2’s xsomething painful
Partner crotch sweats (leg pushdowns) x1 minute
Partner sled run x100 yards, switch and repeat
(in full disclosure, I was getting nauseous at this point… we may have done more exercises but I’m blocking them out of my memory)

Over to the playground for Doogie to snatch the Q for some upper body pain
Hands-off merkins x10
Pull-up/Knee-up vs GI Janes x10, switch
Dips vs plyometric merkins x10, switch
Rinse and repeat those 3 exercises
Facing burpees while jumping over partner doing planks x10, switch
Mountain climber/merkin pyramid (5 MC, 1 merkin, 4 MC, 2 merkin, 3 MC, ….)

Back to the Quad for Riggs with some more “bob and weave” or “east side boyz” and shoulder press/bicep curls/peoples chair along the way
Partner carry x100 yards, repeat
1 group does exercise while other group runs 100 yards
Squats with 2 blocks
Block burpees x20 with partner doing low slow flutter

Back to start for Mary
10 exercises… all random numbers that don’t matter at this point.. they all hurt
LBCs, bicycles, Vups, skydivers/dead seals?, plank leg lifts, hello dollys, something from shooter, Sarkozys/Putins, heels to heaven, Froggies


Thanks to M Riggs for the pavers.. I wish she would put her foot down and make Riggs rebuild the wall so we didn’t have them…
Tclaps to CK for coming back to Durham and giving us a taste of Raleigh. We know you and the guys work hard out there at Pullen Park. I hope we made you and F3 proud.
Strong showing today – this was not an easy workout…
Welcome to Paparazzi, our newest FNG.

Working on a convergence between Raleigh/Durham at Umstead some time in April/May… Should be awesome.