After the Ball Bearings workout on Wednesday I decided to omit Merkins from Fridays routine. Instead we focused on running and abs.

First we warmed up with some good mornings, imperial walkers and high slow flutters. Then we set off for a field about 1.1mi away. At the field we did 30 counts of LBCs, Rosalitas, Alt oblique crunches, windshield wipers and Hello Dollys. Next we ran over to the nearby golf course for kicks, about 1/2mi away. At the golf course we utilized the nice turf for some Russian hammers, cannon balls, windshield wipers, more alt oblique crunches and some bridge kicks. After that we took off for another 3/4mi run to a 1/10mi uphill sprint. At the top we did Sarkozys and Putins with a circle 5 count. Then a final 0.8mi run back uphill with one pit stop for some high planks. A quick COT and we’re done. All told about 3-1/8mi.