3 pax planted the VSF in the concrete jungle that is the Duke Hospital parking deck.  The paint fumes from the construction were giving the pax a sense of euphoria in spite of the cold weather and pre-5:00 start time, when a figure emerged from a nearby stairwell.  Was it Junior Mint, Lucky Strikes, some crazy FNG, a paint fume-induced apparition coming to give us Bagger Vance-type inspiration?  The truth was the second Charlotte pax to join a Top Shelf workout.  Unfortunately the pax were no less confused by the 2nd newcomer (who would come out at 4:50 anyway?) than they were by the first, but eventually came to their wits and welcomed ET to the fold.

Warmup run to the top and back
Arm circles forward and back
Air squats

The Thang:

Circuit – pullup x 10, derkin x 15, row x 15, dips x 20
Rotate through twice, all OYO

Yog down a level for a beast….
Star jumps, perkins, jump lunges, CDD, air squats, burpees

Yog to the top, then a detour down to the construction site for 10 bicep curls with some metal poles

Yog to the top for Mary:
Plank jacks x 20
Peter Parkers x 20
Low flutter x 20
Sochi hammers x 20
Freddie Mercury x 20
LBCs x 20
Heels to heaven x 20
WWII x 15


– Glad to have ET join us this morning.
– UA for Doogie who apparently needs a new alarm.
– Haven’t seen Little Jerry Seinfeld in quite some time at Top Shelf.  Word on the street is that he’s preparing a beatdown for Tobacco Road on Thursday.
– YHC feels like life is right again with FJ back in the fold.  Cleveland sports talk has increased exponentially since his return.