Spring is coming, but winter is still fighting to stick around.  Another cold and clear night kept temps in the mid-30’s and 14 PAX posted for another edition of True Grit.  YHC thought it would be a good AM to do True Fidelity, Hi Grit style…or something like that…glad the PAX brought their running shoes today…

The Thang:

Warm-ups:  Fazio Arm Circles x20, Reverse Fazio x20 (feel the burn baby…especially you Orwell), Whacky Jacks x20 – sound stupid and looks weird but it gets the heart rate humming…and because the PAX were snickering, YHC calls an audible…let me introduce you to my little friend…the Prison Cell Merkin Burpee x5 – OYO, Mountain Climbers x20, Recover on the run to the bottom of Dam Hill – quick count of 14 PAX along the way…excellent…enough for what lies ahead…

NOTE:  Prison Cell Merkin Burpee = Down to Plank, Merkin + Right Knee in, Merkin + Left knee in, Merkin, Jump up = 1

This is how we do it!prison-cell-pushup


Gather at the bottom of Dam Hill – All You Got (AYG) sprint up hill – plank hold at top.  Partner up.

Partner Carry halfway across Dam Hill – flapjack to finish.  Recover on the jog – quick pace for about 1/4 mile to long bridge.  Partner up – wheelbarrows half way across bridge – flapjack to end.  Grab a spot on the wall.

People’s Chair – left leg up (10 sec), switch to right leg (10 sec), repeato – recover; Carolina Dry Docks x10 – recover on the jog.  Another quick pace jog for 250 yards? – Plank hold till all PAX are present – Prison Cell Merkin Burpees x5 OYO.  10 count pause – resume running at quick pace for another 1/4 mile?

Lunge Walk from small bridge at back of Shelley Lake for about 50 yards – 10 count recover – AYG Sprint to the next fork in the trail – about 100 yard sprint or more.  Plank Hold for all PAX.  Prison Cell Merkin Burpees x5 OYO.  Recover on the jog – another quick pace for about 200-250 yards? 10 count break – Carolina Dry Docks x 10, Sochi Hammer x10.  AYG Sprint to the next bridge.  10 count pause to recover.  Partner wheelbarrows halfway across bridge – flapjack.  AYG Sprint to Pull up bars.

Mary + Pullups:  2 PAX do 5 pullups while rest do various Mary exercises until they return,  Keep rotating until all 14 PAX have gone through. Most Mary’s got between 15-20 count.

Squat Holds, Merkins – OYO, LBC’s in cadence, Russian Hammers, Reverse LBC’s, something else – YHC was doing pullups, WWII Situps, Dying Cockroach x10, Windshield Wipers x10 and finally…Prison Cell Merkin Burpees x10 OYO.  DONE!


Great AM for a run around the lake.  YHC is glad Bob Villa was winded by COT time.  Excellent job by all PAX.


  • F3 Convergence on 3/1 at Pullen for 2nd anniversary.  No Catalyst but you can double down with the Kilt Run later that day.
  • Go Ruck info meeting Thursday at Players Retreat at 7:30 pm
  • March 22 F3 Dads workout with Au Pair at the Q. Start time unknown to YHC.
  • Dufresne update from Tony Robbins.  Goods news that he is starting workouts again this Friday.
  • Cinderella and Yo-Yo starting a Wed 545am workout for Raleigh Rescue Mission. Moore Square will be the location.  Start date still TBD – check w/either if you want to post.
  • Healing Place workout (@F3TheArena) resumes on March 1 – signup sheet is on Twitter feed.  Duff is QIC.

Prayers:  Cinderellas grandfather – his wife of 68 yrs is with the Lord now; Magruber’s mom interviewing for job(s), Orwell’s business has impt meeting this Friday.

YHC shared some thoughts from today’s Jesus Calling devotional:  I AM WITH YOU – what a promise from the God of all creation.  These four words are like a safety net, protecting you from falling into despair.  Life will always bring it’s ups and downs but this promise lives with us forever.  God’s presence is there to comfort and encourage us.  Let us remember that as we go forth into our day. – Zephaniah 3:17

Orwell closed us out in prayer