Twas a dreary Saturday morning, with patchy snow, light rain, some wind and blustery 38 degree temps.  14 PAX with one FNG.  The plan was for rotating Qs.  Upon learning we intended to head over to the parking deck for the bulk of the workout, Floppy cried “this isn’t Urban Jungle!”  Undeterred, we did:

(Au Pair Q): WARM UP jog to upper pavilion.  SSH x 20, Good Morning x 10, Mtn Climbers x 15, Fazios both directions x8.  Continue jog up to parking deck, avoiding very large recently fallen tree along the way.

Parking Deck 15:  at the base of the deck, run up ramp (approx 50 yards) to top for 15 merkins.  Down ramp for 14 squats.  Up ramp for 13 merkins…….down to zero and plank for White Shoe while the rest of the PAX finish.

(CK Q):  Mary Interlude of Sochi Hammers x 20, WWII x 20.

Squat/Lunge Walk up ramp.  10 walking lunges, 5 squats, all the way up.  Ouch.

Repeato the Mary Interlude.  Add some Dan Jansens.  15 OYO burpees.  Maybe we did 1-2 other things?

(Wonk Q):  Split into two groups.  One group sprints approx. 100 yards and back while second group does low plank hold.  Flap jack.

To stairwell for three story bear crawl up to top level.  GORUCK light practice.  Locate large telephone pole.  Group one holds same while group two paints the lines x 10.  Pole is held overhead, then shoulder to shoulder.  Taller PAX unhappy.  Flap Jack.  Maybe we did something else?

Jog back, around tree, to stage area near Opie and Andy.  Derkins x 15, Dips x 15.  And it’s 8:00.


-CK and Wonk (or others) lemme know what I missed.  Was nasty out there but we made the most of it.  Q was intentionally kept away from Floppy, who wanted to play in the mud for some reason.

-GORUCK info session on Thursday evening, Players Retreat.

-Convergance on March 1 at Pullen.  2nd Anniv of F3 Raleigh.  Standard starting time.  Coffee thereafter, and then a quick visit to share some love with Dufrense.  Be there.  Bring an FNG.  There may be a Sproles sighting.

-F3 Dads workout is on the horizon.  Maize and I are working on details.  Tentatively looking at March 22 at Fletcher Park, 9:30am start.  Will be for girls and boys.  Money Hose has agreed to Beta test given his stellar performance at Brier Creek.  Drop your kids at his house, 9:30 Saturday mornings.