Twelve or so PAX hit the beach looking to grab the pipeline on an increasingly brisk morning at Dawn Patrol.  No wetsuits yet.


Jog to basketball courts.

Warm up:  SSH x 30, high knees length of two courts, Imperial Walkers x 30, butt kickers length of 2 courts, windmills x 20, karaoke length of two courts, Sir Fazio Arm Circles x 30, karaoke length of two courts.

Jog to parking lot.

Laps around parking islands with exercises: group 1, continuous merkins, group 2 run around first island, flapjack; group 1, continuous squats, group 2 run around second island, flapjack; group 1, continuous burpees, group 2 run around third island, flapjack.

Jog to rock pile.

Grab a rock in each hand.  front straight arm raises x 20; lateral raises (pour some tea) x 20; hammer curls x 20.  Repeat 2 more times.

Jog to playground.

Dips x 20; Jump ups x 20.  Repeat 2 more times.

Jog to lower baseball field.

Sprints around a Triangle:  Sprint from home to right field corner, do 20 count exercise; sprint from right field corner to left field corner, do 20 count exercise; spring from left field corner to home, do 20 count exercise.  3 total laps around triangle.  20 count exercises included: balls to wall merkins; single leg deadlift; diamond merkins; reverse lunges; carolina DDs; single leg squats; wide grip merkins; burpees.

Jog to basketball courts:

Mary: LBCs, rosalitas, Russian Hammers.


Jonathan Utah has the Q next Thursday for Halloween.  Expect the unexpected.