“A modern day warrior, mean mean stride. Today’s Tom Sawyer, mean mean pride…..”

There’s no mystery what artist is in my head today as we celebrate an American humorist’s famous fictional character. The shovel flag was planted with a little extra effort needed as the PAX of 17 took on the grounds of Carroll Middle School as we kept it on campus. The first workout in the 20s (29 counts!) in many months didn’t deter the men from sticking to their new routine. Once a habit is formed it’s tough to break….as always we constantly focus on our craft.

The Thang:

Warm Up: IW x 20, CDD x 15, Windmill x 20, SSH x 25, Peter Parkers x 25, Parker Peters x 25, Prisoner Squat x 20…..then 2 laps around the track

The Pinch Bug: (Jog to field & Split into 2 Groups)

Group 1 (field) – 40 yard karaoke, 15 star jumps, Bear Crawl/Carb Walk split on the way back, plank. Repeat with 10 star jumps

Group 2 – (stairs) – left foot up and then right foot hop up, 10 burpees, return to bottom, plank. Repeat with 5 burpees at the top.

Apple Core Rock set: Curl x 25, Wimbledon x 20 right & left, Rock swing x 20, Squat/thrust x 20, Tricep x 20, Merkin x 20, right hand on rock, Merkin x 20, left hand on rock, Diamond x 20 on rock,  Rinse and repeat (no diamonds round 2!!! (yes, that’s right)

Freebooters: Jacob’s Ladder to 5…..Burpees at the Top ascending

Painting the Wall: Peoples Chair x15, Balls to the Wall x 15, Stomp x 15, Derkins x 15, Balls to the Wall x 15

3 wind sprints, distance uncertain

Down the River/Plank-O-Rama: High-Plank Hold x20, Shoulder Taps x20, Nipplers x20, Low Plank Hold x20

Mary: Flutter Kicks x 20, Dolly x 20, Dying Cockroach x 20, 6″ Leg Hold Circle with 5 count and that is all….COT

Quote of the Day: “The fact man knows right from wrong proves his intellectual superiority to other creatures, but the fact he can do wrong proves his moral inferiority to any creature who cannot.” – Mark Twain

Naked Moleskin:

-T-claps to Abacus for using an anvil during the rock set inspired by Cinderella I assume. Elsinore set the tone with dry docks called for the second exercise. The PAX chatter included Body By Jake, Billy Blane, Richard Simmons with a couple “That’s what she said”s in the mix as well. Decent amount of laughter among the groans. T-claps as well to those with fingerless gloves, YHC assumes there will be some weekend shopping for other options after the wet ground/cold rock combination.

-Third F meeting on Nov 12th @ Tylers Tap Room. RSVP to upcoming pre-blast with information. Wendell Gee promises this will be up no later than November 11th…..

-There will be a Christmas party in December for some big time second F that will include the M’s. Be on the lookout for a date with details.

-Lots of prayer requests this morning: Dufresne, Money Hose’s uncle, MSteroid, the passing of Costco’s family member, the student at Abacus’ school and another I may not remember (apologies).

-New T-shirt on the Gear site, mine has already arrived and I can attest it is outstanding. They are not as cool as Go Ruck shirts with sunglasses on the back deck of a home on Sunset Avenue, but they are well made and look great….which is nice.

-I hear there was a Sproles sighting around 6 o’clock but it was the PM unfortunately. Did the shark catch Nemo? Door to Door has gone into hibernation, the Sea Doo has apparently been winterized, 9 Volt lost his juice, our Sanchez in on the bench as well. Lots of good crowds all week long, let’s bring some weekend warriors back into the fold where we can. Winter is warmer with company.

-Pretty sure I’m going to be sore tomorrow…..and won’t be the only one.