11 PAX showed up for today’s theme was learning from the past and working on improving things in general.  Of course as a First F leader, this is a challenge and I didn’t want to make this a perfect form school.  Instead I dug into my own favorites (legs) and added a few twists (reverse mode).  Going in reverse for common exercises sheds light that we all have things to work on.

run to the stone circle for a warmup:
ssh x18
good mornings x12
imperial walkers x18

robert plant the stairs x2
squat hold at the end

jog to the round gazebo and pick a bench:
dips x18
jump ups x18
dip x18

jog to the parking deck, on the way hold a squat hold before crossing the street.

Run up the west stairs, meet at the top.
sprint the deck, plank hold x2
run the deck backwards
karaoke, butt kickers, high knees, karaoke down the deck
paint the lines (every 4th parking space) about 15 lines total
20 yd bear crawl
20 yd reverse bear crawl
100 yd lunge walk with burpee every 3 spaces
100 yd reverse lunge walk with jumping burpee every 3 spaces
lap around the deck facing one direction (side, front, side, back runs)
40 yd of 2xlunges, 2xsquat sets
sprint the deck

mosey back to the gazebo
bench diamonds x9
incline table diamonds x9
incline merkins x18
lbc x18
russian hammers x18
bench diamonds x9
incline merkins x18
freddy mercury x18

Welcome back Tecumseh, looking forward to seeing you again even though you called out for lunges the entire time
We all shared lessons learned in life- a lot of great attributes and lessons to work on incorporating in our own lives. Lots of room to expand on this in future COT
Welcome horsehead from Charlotte.  A great guy to workout with!
3rd F dinner Nov 12th, please RSVP with folks (Friar Tuck, Fazio, etc.)