YHC was given the opportunity to lead another Wednesday at The Crick and, after exhausting our weekly burpee allowance last Saturday, had to get creative.

Shall we begin?


As we pay too much attention to the top two fields around BCCC, YHC decided to go for a run. We played frogger across Briar Creek Parkway to the grassy median and we began.

SSH x15
Sir Fazio Arm Circle x20 (10 forward, 10 reverse)
Plank-jack x15
High Plank Hold
Merkin x10

The Thang

Off to our favorite hill and unfortunately, the “choose your partner carefully” instruction¬†didn’t resonate with some. No pain no gain, eh?

Set 1
Partner Carries up the hill and Merkins x5 (10 total) at the summit. Side-plank walk back down and do 10 air squats (20 total) with partner. Flapjack.
Set 2
Partner Carries up the hill and 5 burpees (10 total) at the summit. Side-plank walk back down and do 10 jump-lunges (20 total) with partner. Flapjack
Plank hold after two completed sets with a 5 count plank hold down the line (60 seconds)

After good work by the PAX, we were off to the brick planters and benches. Split into two groups, we endured a full-body beat down.

Set 1
Group 1 does box jumps (x10) on the bench then irkins (x10), on the bench.
Group 2 does burpees (x10), WWII’s (x15)

Set 2
Group 1 does box jumps (x10) on the brick ledge, then dirkins (x10).
Group 2 does 15 plank-jacks (the correct way… elbows on the ground in lower plank), then 20 freddy merc’s.

To the BCCC ramp we go. For those PAX who haven’t witnessed Nickleback’s standing long jump ability, it is worth the price of admission. Why didn’t we name him Gazelle?

In pairs, long jump up the ramp, then karaoke to the first staircase. Down the stairs and drop into 10 Merkins, then hold plank until the group catches up. 20-count plank hold before the next hill…

To the stump! The PAX held high plank and tunnled a man up the wet, mossy hill into the old “gear” parking lot.

One last pain-station before we went hunting for Mary. In the same two groups, we assaulted the core one last time.

Set 1– Group 1: Balls to wall while Group 2 does dips (x15) on the curb. Flapjack.
Set 2- Group 1: Balls to the wall while Group 2 does irkins (x10) on the curb. Flapjack.

Mary (dealer’s choice of 10 COUNTS that quickly escalated… YHC approves)

LBC’s x15
Reverse LBC’s x15
Russian Hammers x20
Poke the Hole x15
Heels to Heaven x15
Chair crunches x15
(FNG’s passed on the opportunity.)

Announcements: Spread the word about our weekend Crick workouts! You never know what will happen on Saturdays… The Situation and Nickleback have the Q this weekend.

Prayer requests: Thoughts and prayers go to Wiffenpoof’s kin who have lost their first born.

All PAX worked their tails off this morning and after the amount of grunts and moans, YHC deemed the workout a success. T-claps to Nickleback and Wiffenpoof for carrying Kanye. Welcome “Big Papi” and “Halfpipe;” hard work today.

It’s always an honor to lead men of this caliber and today was a perfect NC summer morning to do so.¬†#F3 counts and I’m fortunate enough to battle the gloom with the best of you.