14 men had the guts to show up for today’s edition of True Grit. ¬†Feeling a little under the weather, YHC wanted to figure a way to make it count, without having to count, so here’s what was come up with:


Mosey up Millbrook to main lot for Warm Up COP: SSH 25x – Windmill 20x – Merkin 10x – Squat 10x

Jacob’s Ladder (long version) 1 to 7 Burpees – Plankarama – Mosey down to docks

Derkins 15x – Single Leg Squat (R) 10x – Merkins 10x – Single Leg Squat (L) 10x

Mosey to retaining wall – People’s Chair 20x – Good Mornings 10x – Sprint up Hill – Lunge Walk to Sign – Mosey to end of dam – Plankarama

Mary and Pullups: LBC – Rosalita – Rev LBC – Dolly – Dying Cockroach


  • CR at PR – tomorrow (5/28) 7-9
  • F3 Dads – 5/31
  • F3 Wilmington – Saturdays at 7 at Hugh MacRae Park – Starts 6/7 – send EHs to wilmington@f3nation.com
  • Komen Race on 6/14
  • Next week is EXPANSION WEEK – check the website announcements for all the new workouts