I think the title pretty much covers it…

The Thang

Jog over to Target parking lot and circle up for Warm-Up:

SSH X 25

Imperial Walkers X 25

Good Mornings X 20

Fazio Arm Circles X 10 Reverse X 10

Jog to Parking deck ramp, backwards run up to second level, continue up to ground level and circle around to turf.

Making a rare appearance at a F3 Raleigh workout: The Dirty MacDeuce

As defined in the lexicon:

Dirty MacDeuce: A routine — 4 sets of three exercises done to 12 repetitions at a four-count, with 12 seconds of rest in-between each set.  Each set consists of a chest/ab/core.

Nobody calls it like Dredd but it’s fun to try.

SET ONE:  Merkin/Dolly/Air Squat

SET TWO:  WG Merkin/Russian Hammer/SSH

SET THREE:  Diamond Merkin/Flutter Kick/Mountain Climber

SET FOUR:  Carolina Dry Dock/Rosalita/Prisoner Squat

(What no burpees? Wait for it…)

Jog across Six Forks around the back side of HT and through the parking deck to stairs. Partner up.

Stairbarrow up stairs to scaffolding, jog back, flapjack.


Jog to brand-spanking new parking lot next to amphitheater.

Toe-taps on parking blocks X 20

Ski jump over parking blocks X 15

Convene at amphitheater for Bench Burpee Bonanza!

Partner 1 – Run to opposite bench for 20 dips, Partner 2 – Amrappin’ burpees, Flapjack

Partner 1 – Run to opposite bench for 15 jump ups, Partner 2 – Amrappin’ burpees, Flapjack

Partner 1 – Run to opposite bench for 15 derkins, Partner 2 – Amrappin’ burpees, Flapjack

YHC is gassed at this point (the term is “Munsoned”), but manages to rally for return trip to JCP parking lot for 3.5 Minutes of Mary

LBC’s X 20

Homer to Marge X 15

Russian Hammers X 1 minute = 32


Player’s Retreat 7-9 tonight (5/28) CLT Crotch Rocket will be giving us the lowdown on F3 plans and expansion. Also beer.

F3 Dad’s, 9:00 AM May 31 Fletcher Park, Bring your kids for an epic beatdown and fun.

Next week is Expansion Week: F3WakeForest – June 2, F3Wilmington – June 7, new Wed workout at Williams Park, new Friday workout at Baileywick Park, see website for details, sign up to Q

Man Ram prayed us out.