The Thang:

Jog up to the upper lot for a warm up:

Calf Raises x 15
Good mornings x 15
Mountain Climbers x 15
Plank Jacks x 20
Quick Feet x 20
Fazio Arm Circles x 10 forward and x 10 back

Jog down to the picnic shelter:
Split into two groups.
Group 1 Merkins in cadence
Group 2 pull-ups in cadence
Together x 5 count in cadence

Switch, repeat, switch repeat, switch repeat.

Short jog to stone circle:
Group 1 Squats
group 2 Alt L/R step ups
Together in cadence x 10

Switch, repeat, switch repeat, switch repeat.

Move up to The House of Cats or as I called it The Cathouse. My translator was busted.

Group 1 Peoples Chair
Group 2 Balls to the Wall
X 15 count

Switch, repeat, switch repeat, switch repeat.

Run to Hamburger Hill and bear crawl down. Assemble in the field for some:
Box Cutters x 10 in cadence
LBCs x 15
Hello Dolly x 15

Repeat for best results with minor modification. Additional merkins x 10 and dips x 15 at stone circle.

Finish with Mary:
Little bear hug crunches x 10
Freddie Mercs x 15
The Nippler (with partner if you desire). x 20
Sarkozy and Putin x 15
Russian Hammers x 20

Finish up with COT