Cujo had the Q Lead again today, and we just kept eating those BLTs!!! (called LBCs in every other F3 site in the nation).   Cujo started us off well with several warm up exercises; calling on the attending PAX to lead each cadence count….giving us insight on his natural leadership/management ability.    We then ran further downtown to the Progress Energy building and did several exercises in honor of baby Keller Hibbits….as Dad Cinderella invented many painful exercises around the architecture found there.  Stair runs and more BLTs ensued (along with a security guard checking us out) and we ended back at Moore Square for Mary, COT and Fazio leading us out in a Powerful Way.

Apologies for not listing specifics here, as I am going by memory writing for Cujo so I am making this part real general.

One thing I will make specific is how much of a Blessing Metamorphosis has been and is to all who participate.  Cujo has become one of us at the highest level, as evidenced by today’s lead that had him talking some smack (very kind and gentlemanly for sure…especially compared to our ole timers such as MacGruber, Epoxy, Au Pair, Myrtle, etc…..I must note here that the Au Pair, Myrtle smack doesn’t go past PG-13 rating though).

I close by attaching the email Cujo sent me earlier this week.   If you haven’t yet experienced Metamorphosis and want to understand it in words vs. being there, I can’t think of a better way than reading Cujo’s words as follows:

Good morning Brother Lionel!

How are you? The Editors at RRM informed me that they were going to feature me as an inspiration with pictures in their RRM articles of me with my suite, F3, and the Red Carpet event with me singing in the Choir! Brother Lionel to God be praise and the Glory and the Honor forever for all He has done and for all that he is doing and for all that he is going to do! If he brought you to it! He will bring you through it! Be blessed and have a wonderful day!