14 pax met in the gloom of the OEC for 2-Ply’s inaugural Q. Once Dunphy Coco & Adolphus got back from their 0500 ruck training (GRC in CH on 10.10 – who’s in?? Details here) we got down to it.

Jog to parking lot
SSH x 20
Good Morning x 15
Windmill x 15
Air squat x 15
LBAC x 20
Merkins x 20
Mountain climber x 15
Plank with arm raise x 2
Burpees x 5

Jog to the BFH
1 burpee, run up hill, 1 merkin, run down hill
2 burpees, run up hill, 2 merkins, run down hill
Repeat until 10 of each
Plank until everyone’s done

Proceed to the top of the parking lot for dealer’s choice Mary
LBCs (twice)
Russian Hammers
Thread the Needle
Rocky Balboa
Heels to Heaven
Hello Dolly
(a few more)
Plank Stretch


Moleskin: T-claps to 2-Ply for a hell of a first Q, and strong work by the pax. Good stuff. ~Adolphus

(posted on behalf of 2-Ply)