It came to pass after 364 days that a PAX of 26 would post to celebrate the one year anniversary of the greatest F3 workout known to man, Urban Jungle.


  • 30 x SSH
  • 30 x Mountain Climbers
  • 25 x Good Mornings
  • 20 x Exceedingly Slow Merkins

Pax Lunge Walks to the North Hills parking deck.

Pull Ups:

  • 10 x Pull Ups
  • 6 x Pull Ups
  • 3 x Pull Ups

Pax runs to the North Hills Astroturf.

  • A set of Jack Webs (11’s)

Pax runs to the Captrust Tower (Merkins while we wait to cross Six Forks):

PAX Sprints (climbs) stairs to top and performs 25 Burpees.  Back down to street level.

Pax runs to the round First Citizen’s Building:

It’s Not What You Think Steroid:   Each round performed on the grassy section in front of the round First Citizens building on Six Forks.  Group 1 runs up the first set of stairs, performs stated exercise and runs down second set of stairs.  Group 2 performs stated exercise while it waits for Group 1.  Flapjack.

  • Round 1: Group 1 does 25 Merkins at the top; Group 2 does 40 Merkins, Flapjack.
  • Round 2:  Group 1 Bear Crawls across the top; Group 2 does AMRAP Prisoner Squats, Flapjack.
  • Round 3:  Group 1 does 13 Jump Ups at the top; Group 2 does AMRAP Burpees, Flapjack.

Pax runs to the Parking Lot where it all began (Merkins while we wait to cross Six Forks):


  • 12 x Burpees (OYO)


– Why does this workout look so easy on paper?  Trust YHC, it wasn’t.  Nice work gents!

– Happy 1 Year Anniversary Urban Jungle.  Here’s to many more.

– Nod to Omaha visiting from North Charlotte and FNG 3 Rivers.  Welcome.

– Rainman took us out.