Great work today by seven PAX in what turned out to be a perfect morning to be outside and work out at one of Raleigh’s finest parks. Fletcher Park truly inspires greatness.

Warmup: Run around park. SSH (35x), Imperial Walkers (10x), Mountain Climbers (20x).


Sevens: Six Pullups at picnic area, run Dog Leg to the Left, 1 Burpee at the lamp, run back; 5 pullups . . . 2 Burpees . . . . When finished, alternate between Pullups (5x) and Dips (10x).

Run to bottom of hill and partner up. P1 Bear Crawls up hill to fence, sprints across field and up to the House of Cats, 20-second Balls to the Wall, sprints back. P2 alternates between Diamond Merkins and WWII Situps (constant movement). Flapjack. One more time, except P2 alternates between regular Merkins and LBCs (constant movement).

Run to stone circle. Left, Right Step-Ups (40x), Incline Merkins (20x), Jump Ups (10x), Decline Merkins (10x).

Run to picnic area. Pullups (5x), Dips (10x) — 2x.

Mary: LBCs (40x).

COT: Refreshments were served.

Bowling event tomorrow (8/14) at The Alley from 7:00-9:00 PM.
Labor Day: no workout at North Hills; all other workouts start at 7:00 AM.

King David took us out in prayer.