Nine and 1/4 Pax were shaped by the cold iron that is the kettle bell. Apparently Mr. White Shoe got a little lost and showed up with 10 minutes to go.


KettlebellThe Thang:

After a brief jog down to the tennis court and a short 20 count SSH warm up we jumped head first into action.

Two Rounds of the following:

  • Two Hand Swing x20, x15
  • Single Arm Clean and Press x10 each arm, x10 each arm
  • Figure 8 x20, x15
  • Side Shuffle Squat x16 each direction, x16 each direction
  • Suicides to singles and doubles lines (six points), repeated after both sets of the above.

Fast shuffle to the picnic tables for more fun, also following the two round model:

  • Single Arm Swing (switch at the apex) x20, x15
  • Single Arm Rows x10 each arm, x 10 each arm
  • Skull Crusher Curl x10, x10
  • Triceps Extension x10, x10
  • Pull Up x10, x10
  • Single sprint to the soccer/lacrosse goal and back.

Mary: LBC, Russian Hammer, Leg Lift with KB overhead.