With the VSF planted and for many a week ahead at the beach and for some on the golf course, 12 warriors set out see what Heavy Metal would bring them in a links-style strength-building round.



Jog around the park

SSH x 20

Plank jacks x 20

Merkins x 15

Imperial Walkers x 20

Pax partner up for…



STATION #1: Pax 1: El Jefe Merkins x 15, Pax 2: spotter

STATION #2: Pax 1: The 360 with a Mase (Maul?) x 20 (10 each way), Pax 2: Goblet Squats with 45 lb. KB until Pax 1 is done

STATION #3: Pax 1: 8-count bodybuilder barbell complex x 3, Pax 2: Mary of choice

STATION #4: Derkins on the swing x 15

STATION #5: Cinder Block Man-makers x 5

STATION #6: Pull-ups x 5, Chin-ups x 5 (Repeato)

STATION #7: Medicine ball toss over the backstop x 10 (each Pax)

STATION #8: Pax 1: Gun Show x 10, Pax 2: Mary of choice

STATION #9: Jog back to Station #1

(Repeato ~2.5 times)



Freddies x 25

Reverse LBC’s x 20

The Protractor (6″, 45, 6″, 45, 90, 45)

6″ leg hold x 3 count around the circle



  • Welcome to F3 FNG Getty (Fazio saved you when you said Rush was your first concert)
  • Rumor has it that MC Cinnamon was able to work in a couple of practice reps on the 8-count bodybuilders…using a Cozy Coupe toy car. #onlyinfivepoints
  • No Heavy Metal on July 4 – instead there will be a convergence at the upstart Dawn Patrol workout
  • Great to see 12 Pax at Heavy Metal with the launch of Dawn Patrol, marking 34 Pax on a Thursday. #record
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