Things got super gnarly when the swell came in from the south with a offshore wind,  22 PAX paddled out unaware they were about to get barreled…

Insert Speech here…

The Thang

Jog to soccer field for warm up exercises

  • Side Shuffle Hops X 20
  • Mountain Climbers X 20
  • Imperial Walkers X 20
  • Fazio Arm Circles X 20 ( without Fazio?!?)
  • Good Mornings X 20

Time to get Barreled bro

Count off to 2 groups… (More difficult than is sounds… if your a NC state Grad)

  • 1’s – Get barreled/ run the trail through the trees
  • 2’s – AMSAP ( as many sets as possible ) of 20 Merkins, 20 Alt Lunges, 20 WW2 situps, 20 Squats  Flapjack X 2

Surf Camp

Jog to child exhaustion structure

Count off to 3 groups ( started by a Non – NC state Grad)

  • 1’s – AMRAP Pull-ups
  • 2’s – AMRAP Pop -Ups (burpee + a knee- up jump)
  • 3’s – Hang-Tens – (come to dawn patrol to find out)

Hang -Ten group cadence count to 20, groups flapjack until all stations complete

(Pop-up: Going from lying on the board to standing, all in one jump)

(Hang-Ten: ten toes respectively over the nose of a longboard)

Surf Camp Numero Dos/ 2

Jog to baseball field 2

  • The Paddle out – (on stomach,legs flutter and arms pulling you through god ol’ mother blue) X 20
  • Duck Dive – (chill-cut w/ alt butt up) X 20
  • Stance – ( low duck footed squat with arms out wide ) X 20
  • WIPEOOOOUT! – partner wheel barrels from outside of infield to outfield fence – While utah screams  the name of the exercise  and flap jack

Utah…Gimme 2!

Circle up for mary

  • LBCs X 20
  • Reverse LBC X 20

Plank ,Putin, Sarkozy, Putin, Plank switch on every 10th cadence until time ran out…


the one rule of Dawn Patrol… always get Aggro and no bailing out

(Aggro: a term that has been used for decades by surfers and other water-headed types to describe someone who is super aggressive, competitive whilst in the water)


Need HC’s for below events…

Spartan Super – August 24th- Contact Utah

Blue Ridge Relay – September 6-7 – Contact CK

GORUCK Nasty 001 – Sept 20-22 – Contact White Shoe

2nd F – NOW! at PRs, be there to drink beer….

4th of July – convergence – Dawn Patrol – 7AM – Steak Eggs and Beers to follow @ Utah’s Pool… Yes morning beers…


I challenge you all to bring someone new out or even better get those cotters and make them regulars.

See you in the Gloom