32 Pax off to the races at Ball Bearings.  Tango & Cash-style.  I’ll explain.

**But First, before you read further, if you go to Ball Bearings (even if you didn’t today), email your street name (not your house number, I don’t care) to andrew.tripp@gmail.com****

Warm Up:  Jog round the yard art; SSHs, Richard Simmons SSHs, Sir Fazio Circles, Imperial Walkers

Suicides: Pax Tango follows King David for suicide sprints on a very compacted blacktop.  No one collides (in a major way).  Pax Cash follows Money Hose for suicide sprints on the tennis courts.  Roughly 8 full sprint sets with Joe Random-calesthenics interspersed.  Cue the heart rate & nausea.

Mericans & Leg Great Circle:  Tango & Cash reuinite forces in a Great Circle on the football/frisbee/soccer volleyball warm up field: Mericans; Forward Lunges; CDDs; Backward Lunges; Diamonds; Rolling Cannonballs; Staggers; Dan Jansens; Mericans.

Tango Breaks Up with Cash: Pax Cash Run Up Hamburger Hill and Burpee Broad Jump to Shovel Flag (Actual), repeato; Pax Tango long run ’round Yard Art.  Max reps on hill while run occurs.  Plank it out.  Flapjack.  Two Time Repeato.

A Mere Flirtation with Mary: High Slow Flutters X30; AOCs X 20


  • Two FNGs and several false positives on the day.  FNG Bill Lumberg (he’s in management) came close to winning TPS but majority rules.  FNG Turkish Bath takes the case in recent times for name leaping.  Some people take steam showers for fun?  I think Orwell gave up TB on that one.  He did not actually volunteer that he takes steam showers for fun.  Nonetheless, the new name was hurtling down the highway before we knew what happened…
  • Thanks to Dwight Schrute, Sir Fazio, KBE, OBE, and perhaps some others for self-reporting as FNGs today.  Moves only outdone by YHC addressing Adolphus as an FNG.  My bust, Adolphus. Glad you’re back aboard.  Fazio has ordered the Jerkstrong bracelets in honor of YHC.
  • Thanks to King David for leading the Cash side of the operation today.  We’ll continue to work on ways to handle the expected 400 pax crush that’s clearly in the offing with Maize and Orwell on the recruiting trail.
  • Good luck to everyone’s favorite Brah, Jonny Utah, as he rolls out Dawn Patrol tomorrow at 0545 at Laurel Hills Park.  #Seriously,Brody,he’sanFBIAgent
  • Heavy Metal stays on schedule at Roanoke Park. 0600.  Fungo has the lead.
  • Use the Tweetry Dish.  It’s all the rage for communication among youngsters and F3 Raleigh.  Dip your toe in by simple following @F3Raleigh.  Kids call that your twitter handle.  The talk of handles has caused a confused Orwell to yell unanswered endlessly into a repurposed CB radio that he bartered for at Fort Benning in 1984 (“Chong Li, are you there?  Are you there?”).
  • Happy Hour tomorrow at the Player’s Retreat at corner of Oberlin and Hillsborough.  730 PM, rolling admissions.
  • A heaping plate of Tclaps to Marley for putting together a survey that will help us as we bring our little free workout and brotherhood to more men in this town and beyond.  Do the survey.  It’s nifty.  Help us pay forward the gift we’ve received.http://fluidsurveys.com/surveys/marley-7/f3-raleigh/
  • Actual Conversation this Morning: “Did you get the Uni-Bomber Name for the Beard?”  “No.  I like to blow things up.”  “Oh. Check.”
  • Was thinking about simple words about F3: “A bunch of men workout at dawn.  It’s free.  It makes you better.  Your brothers are already out there.  Move.”
  • If you’re still reading this and you haven’t done so already, please email me your street name.  andrew.tripp@gmail.com

That’s all.