Friday October 10, 2014

It must have been Karma as the Danger Zone kicked into high gear on my way to the Danger Zone.

2 shovel flags planted at the DZ for a beautiful morning for a planned high intensity work out, nice to have a little Earth Wind and Fire while the 9 PAX prepared for the gloom. Much of the Pax a bit sore from the Coney’s BO run. Additionally there was some discussions about renaming Surcharge to Tender as he wants to be on DL but PAX disagrees. Mumble chatter started immediately with Burt’s turtle failing to reveal itself. This is becoming a habit but no Porta johns at the DZ unlike the BO.

The Thang that followed:

*Warm up with a little Indian Run. 3 laps around the lot. Audible called midway to drop for 10 merkins OYO.

*Warm up with 25 ct windmill, 20 ct good am, and 10 ct Imperials, downward dog and cobra OYO

*Head to soccer field for a little Carolina Choo Choo length of field. Lots of mumble chatter ensued as one Burt was a little stopped up and the jumping threatened the Turtle that failed to show his face pre workout.

*Audible called on way out in honor of the Turtle mumble chatter for some people’s chair just to remind Burt that there is business to be done before arrival. Alternate regular, right leg up, left leg up 15 cts, repeato.

*Head to the head for some arm work. 20 merkins, 20 carolina dry docks, 30 count Fazio’s front the 30 ct back. Repeato at half the count. Repeato for 10 ct merks and cdd’s and 10 ct Fazios front and back. Close out with 10 cts per pax chillcut. Lots of mumble chatter, more from Burt who could see the head the entire time, still no turtle. Concerns voiced that there may be some problems drinking a beer let alone holding it for happy hour.

*Off to other side of lot for some 2-1’s. Run two parking spaces, back one and repeat for length of lot. Repeat with karoke.

*Head to shelter for some modified Homer to Marge with heels on bench leg curls. 30 ct regular, 20 ct right foot, 20 ct left, 20 ct regular.

*Head back to lot for more 2-1’s flapjack..

*Went to see if there was anything left in arms so some more Merkins and dry docks just to get the arms warm again so we could get the full benefit of 10 count Jack Webbs followed by around the circle 10 count chillcut.

*Mary was dealers choice with LBC’s, dying cockroach, freddy mercuries, 6 inch leg hold, lying fazios, box cutters, WWII situps,

Cot: Happy 47 BD to Goose. We closed out with some interesting and personal revelations about ourselves. CeLo raced motocross but needed the cheeseburger to win, Goose is a private pilot, MaBell loves salt water fishing, Callahan is home brewer that might need some assistance from Zima, Riptide is avid scuba diver with over 200 dives many in deep water, Damn Creole loves watching his kids play sports, Burt – memory escapes me, Banjo was once part of the Olympic development program in soccer but it has been downhill since, add missing pax here

Thanks Burt for taking us out.

CeLo, Burt, Riptide, Goose, Callahan, Banjo, MaBell, Dirty Creole, missing Pax?