Consider the Wolf Run.  Munson and Lamp have melded the combined geographies of Dix Hill, Centennial Campus and the old rail bed of the Seaboard Air Line into a single, long-course jogging track, interspersed with floating fitness stations.  T Square is the Wizard behind the curtain–he lit the torch and passed it onto Lamp who’s been nearly Giloolied by Munson, who’s passion for the workout is rivaled only by his passion for Mike’s (Hard) Lemonade.  The Wolf Run is the most stable Pax count in the F3 Raleigh arsenal, ahem.

We set the dial to 10 Pax this morning, and YHC’s driver Alphonse ran every light on the way to tipoff to get YHC to his maiden Q on time.  Time is a relative thing.  Note the time associated with this week’s Blood Moon.  And off we go (note the adrenaline of waking up at 0538 for an 0545 start fuels you to run sub-6 first quarters, but who’s counting…we launched like a Saturn V Rocket down the valley of Centenial Parkway.

The Thang:

Run…not jog…to corner of Centenial Parkway and Dix Hill Road.  Warm up.  A credible effort but we were warm.  Downright boiling. SSHs, IWs, WMs, OMGs, IDK, etc.

Run…not jog…to corner of Dix Hill Road and Other Dix Hill Road (a PW from Meals on Wheels).  Stan–nerdd Mericans, Awkward Incline Mericans, Baby Decline Mericans

Run..not jog…down the tree-lined Munsonian Promenade (where King David remarked on the fair skyline of the City and recounted his clandestine operations at the Judge yesterday) around the bend to near the old rail bed (one of the few ungated rail crossings within the City limits–noted).  Mericans, Air Squats, ASLs

A novel thing. (Note: this will read like I wrote it in a foreign language and autotranslated into English). Air Squat.  Left Lunge.  Right Lunge., repeato, to the first tree in Twelvetrees.  Sprintto the first tree around the bend.  Repeato.  Sprintto 3rd tree from there, but not the absolute 3rd tree, the relative 3rd tree.  I was channeling Sunshine’s Q from Hi Fidelity at this point…Etc.  etc.  How it actually ended is not important.  We did some Mericans at points.  We did some Diamond Mericans.  But all in all, the Wolf Run boys from this mroning will be leg sore tomorrow.  Fo sho. (or as Maize would say “For sure.”).

Back to vicinity of Meals on Wheels.  Burpee broad jump to tree/lamp post.  Then split into two groups.  Group 1 Mary.  Group 2 run to the road from whence we arrived and back.  Flapjack X 2.

At this point, Swirlies Geo Watch tells us its 0622 and we’re back on the run to the launch pad.  We stopped for some more fellowship Merican style.  We ran home.


  • The announcement about the Mule gave life to the most complicated questions ever posed at a COT.  Swirly broke out a mobile White Board and nearly caused Munson to resign from the Mule Planning Committee on the spot.  I thought I saw Marine One circling to take Munson back to Yorba Linda.  Anyway, if you can do a Partial Mule, talk to Munson, who will work it out with T Square while Epoxy drinks.
  • Great re-hash of Lamp dad-voicing the naming process on Monday for Gains.  “Dad Voice…” to drop an octave and give clear, simple direction.  Preferably in single independent clause fashion.  “Do not park here.”  “Put downour cell phone.”  “Do not name anyone that…” “Don’t wear that…”
  • It’s nice that King David and Munson can remain friends even after Munson broke up their legendary run together.  It’s a testament to how friendly King David is.  Funny for me how nostalgic they became this morning on the run when King David told Munson that the powers that be at the office had limited the resupply to the snack bar to once a day.  Munson was more whistful about a long lost pack of spicy Nabs than he is for the entire workplace.  They then went into shared memories of Greatest Snack Hits, including the legendary period “two falls ago, when there was more turkey and bacon than you could imagine…”,that they both clearly remembered well and both clearly had talked about before.  Another fun one was Munson’s reference that he never loved another colleague more than the day his secretary locked down the first position in line at the snack cart.  Apparently it is a cut throat, Oklahoma Sooners snack rush situation each afternoon at said law firm.
  • YHC pushed the awkwardness to the warning track.  I forgot how weird partner incline mericans are.  Especially in the dark.  On a hill.  Under a full moon.  Next to a canine obstacle course.  Then Swirlied lead Mary and bee-lined to the Homer to Marge.  Maize tried to skype in.
  • It is an honor to lead workouts.  I hope all hands had as much fun as I did.
  • For the two of you still reading this, I sure enjoyed writing it.  Finis.