Twenty-Three PAX (including seven for extra credit) met in the Flood Zone fired up for another Friday morning at Crabtree Valley Mall.


Extra Credit: run around the front of the mall near Sears for mini alternating left right step ups and mini jump ups. Mosey over to the stone wall on Edwards Mill for 20 dips, run up the stairs to the top deck for 20 squats, back down to the stone wall for 20 dips, back up the stairs for 20 reverse lunges, back down the stairs for 20 dips, back up the stairs, run across the top deck including some karaoke, down the stairs and back up the stairs and back down the stairs.

Main Event: Run out to the greenway and head East.  Stop at the grassy knoll for SSH x 25, standard mercans x 10, good mornings x 10, diamond mercans x 10, windmills x 15, wide mercans x 10, imperial walkers x 20, carolina dry docks x 10, hand release mercans x 20.

Keep running East on the greenway, run through the McDonald’s parking lot and cross the street. Form up at the base of the alley next to America’s Best Value Inn.  Jacob’s ladder up to the top of the alley, with descending burpees (7 down to 1) at the top.  The alley is actually a designated Raleigh city street, complete with a one way sign and official recognition on a city map, but it in fact is a street with no name.*

Run over to La Rancherita.  Unfortunately, no burning tacos, just super decline mercans x 10 / squats; flapjack. Repeat.

Run back to the deck, up the stairs, over to the breezeway between the fancy mall restaurants. Bearcrawl down the stairs, run up the non-moving escalator.  Three times through.

Run back across the top ramp, circle up for Mary: LBCs x 20, Rosalitas x 20, WWII sit ups x 20 – run down the stairs, 10 burpees, back up the stairs – heels to heaven x 20, hello dolly x 20.


  • Prayers for Seasoned Salt. His three year old and five year old are both having heart surgery on Tuesday.  Lift him up.  Contact Orwell for his phone number if you would like to reach out.
  • The Street with No Name was long, really steep, very narrow and had about a 50 yard stretch in the middle that was completely dark and had all sorts of bumps, cracks and potholes. No injuries with this intrepid PAX.  YHC actually drove his Chevrolet down this hill yesterday in the daylight, which was more concerning than running down in the dark,
  • Second consecutive post from Cinderella direct from Rex Hospital where the M and newborn remain, complete with weight vest. Inconclusive reports on the nurses reaction to his predawn departures in the vest and sweaty return. Good stories about the birth and F3 Raleigh’s favorite anesthesiologist.
  • New 2nd F Friday Happy Hour – Every Friday, 5:00 pm, Ridgewood Beer and Wine. Costco’s going to be there anyway so why not make it an official deal.  STARTS TODAY!
  • * See Fungo.