Snail's pace

Great works are performed not by strenghth but by perseverance. How else did the snail make it on the ark?

Fifteen PAX boarded the Juggernaut this morning ready to put their backs into it. After the “official” disclaimer was made, YHC announced that today’s workout would have no surprises. Every man would know what was required of him and was asked merely to persevere despite the pain. That being said, no exercise would exceed a 10-count as to provide a known goal. It is with great pride that YHC reports each member of the PAX did exactly that. No corners were cut, and everyone left all they had at Baileywick Park. Aye!

Circle up for a little COP (10 reps each for the following)

  • Side shuffle hop
  • Bend and reach (This is a late 70’s/early 80’s exercise from my elementary years. If there is no official F3 lexicon for it, I humbly submit the moniker “Maconga” in honor of my home town).
  • Windmill
  • Prisoner squat
  • Ski abs
  • Nipplers
  • Imperial walker
  • Good mornings
  • Fazio, excuse me, Sir Fazio arm circles (forward and reverse)

We then lined up for an Indian Run that would take us a little over a 1/2 mile along the greenway to the entrance of the park and ending at the first rock pile. To ensure a good sprint for each member of the PAX, no one ran until the man behind you made it to the front of the line. This was indicated by calling “Aye!” down the line. While this “sounded” good when planning today’s workout, YHC admits it “sounded” a little funny…kind of like sea gulls chattering.

At the rock pile, there were three rounds of curls, presses and tricep extensions (10 reps each, but mind you that these are double counts). After each set, pass the rock two spots to the left. YHC ended up with Coldstone’s rock on the last set (and I must apologize for confusing you with someone else, but it was dark). This thing was the size and heft of Fred Flintstone’s bowling ball.

Upon dropping off our rocks, the PAX moseyed up to the football field belonging to Baileywick Elementary. YHC was excited to see the yardage freshly marked, perfect for the next exercise.

Line up for the 100-yard dash

YHC noted that one of the NFL’s fitness tests is running 300 yards in 60 seconds or less. Our goal was 100 yards in 20 seconds or less, otherwise a five burpee penalty would be assessed. The pattern for this exercise was 1) sprint 100 yards, 2) complete an exercise, 3) backwards run 100 yards to the start, and 4) complete another exercise (people’s choice).

  1. First sprint, standard merkin (10 reps, double count), backwards run, prisoner squat (10 reps, double count)
  2. Second sprint, wide grip merkin, backwards run, star jump
  3. Third sprint, diamond merkin, backwards run, bear crawl 50 yards and sprint back
  4. Fourth sprint, LBC, backwards run, lunge walk 50 yards and sprint back
  5. Fifth sprint, Homer to Marge (right leg up, then left leg up), backwards run, and YHC can’t remember what we did

Everyone completed the sprints within 20 seconds, so no burpee penalties were assessed. Our “group” times on the sprints were approximately 1) 16 sec, 2) 17 sec, 3) 17 sec, 4) 18 sec, and 5) 20 sec.

Partner up and yog to the picnic shelter. Once there, partners did a 10-second count per plank (regular, Putin, Sarkozy). This was followed by 10 jump ups OYO, irkins and THE dip.

Running precariously out of time, so circle up for some quick Mary

10 count six-inch leg hold around the horn.


Thank you again for allowing YHC the opportunity to Q. It’s always an honor and privelege. However, I must admit that I feel altogether unqualified to do so when I look around at many of you. That’s where the perseverance theme came in. Am I (or you) more concerned about how I compare to others, or am I more concerned with just doing the best I can with what God has given me? I would like to say it is always the latter, but I am mortal.

Romans 5:3-5 reads, “More than that, we rejoice in our sufferings, knowing that suffering produces endurance, and endurance produces character, and character produces hope, and hope does not put us to shame, because God’s love has been poured into our hearts through the Holy Spirit who has been given to us.”

Go out this day and the days to come persevering in all things, and do not fail to lean upon others, and especially God, to strengthen and sustain you.

Prayer requests

  • Candlestick’s daughter is leaving for Meredith College today. Pray for her wisdom and protection as she enters this new stage of life.
  • Crikey’s friend Ron Tennile (I’m probably not spelling this right) suffered a stroke recently. Pray for healing.
  • Crikey’s brother-in-law passed away a year ago in a motorcycle accident. As one would expect, it has been particularly hard on those left behind, especially his father and son. Pray for comforting and strength.
  • Snuffalufagus and his 2.0 are off to F3 Camp with another member of our PAX. Pray for fellowship, renewal and safe travels.
  • There are many others that need your prayers as well; Season Salt’s children’s surgery, Hush Puppy’s family, Cherie Berry’s coworker, and many others.

I’ll see you somewhere in the beautiful gloom soon!