For your listening pleasure – the theme song from The Endless Summer

YHC paddled out to Laurel Hills Park early with co-pilot/wingman Costco.  The VSF was planted and with some 2.0s already back in school, YHC was planning a tribute to #theendlesssummer, complete with surf references.  What ensued was more like jambalaya – a non-linear string of exercises (well said Johnny Utah) with their own character forming a complete workout.  Don’t over think it.  Stay in the moment.  Embrace the suck.  The disclaimer was issued and we were off.

The Thang:
Jog down to the soccer field
SSH x 20
Mountain Climbers x 20
Good Mornings x 20
Partner up…

With your partner run the loop through the woods, Air Squats with Bag ‘O Sand x 20, complete the loop Merkins x 20
Repeato four times.
Credit to Tongue and Groove for the roots, rock, reggae reference.  We’re running through the woods just before daybreak and everyone would yell, “root”, “rock”, and T&G throws out a “reggae” to lighten the mood.  #mumblechatter

With partner, Crab-barrow to middle of soccer field flapjack and back to starting line.
Johnny Utah dubbed this, “The stupidest exercise I’ve ever heard of.”  YHC aims to please.  Snuffleupagus recalled last week’s Dawn Patrol smokeshow courtesy of Grillz and Maize. #yhchasnooriginalideas

Prisoner Squats x 20

Superman x 10
LBCs x 20
American Hammers x 20



  • Solid prayer by Lurch to send us on our way with purpose.
  • Welcome to FNG Wyoming (Keith).  Johnny Utah’s neighbor, hence Wyoming.
  • T-claps to the PAX for great work this morning and the opportunity to Q.
  • YHC missed three members of the PAX in list. Sound off below in the comments and I’ll add you.
  • Today’s workout there were references to summer and surfing.  The sandbags (maybe that was quadruple overhead instead of double overhead) leaked sand down our backs to reinforce the beach references.  The crab-barrows were far and away the crowd unfavorite.  #yourewelcome.
  • YHC made reference during COT to Admiral McRaven’s commencement address at the University of Texas this past May (McRaven is Commander of U.S. Special Operations Command).  Message to the PAX – “When you’re up to your neck in mud, start singing.” as stated by General McRaven. Watch the full commencement address HERE.
  • Five copies of #FreedToLead are making the rounds.  Keep an eye on twitter to request one when it comes available.  It’s a quick read full of TruthNuggets.  Other PAX with copies are welcome to jump on the #F3Bookmobile train.  #readingisfundamental
  • Speedbump’s father is having cataract surgery this morning.
  • Friend of Costco’s daughter having surgery tomorrow at Duke.
  • Tony Robbins’s friend Jennifer who is getting waiting for bloodwork results and testing this week for concerns about possibility of breast cancer.
  • Tony Robbins’s two year-old son.  He’s had recurring ear infections, sickness, and constant rounds of antibiotics with blood work to determine what’s behind it all.  Prayers for skill of medical team.
  • Second F tonight at The Alley.  As Johnny Utah stated this morning, “Come throw a frozen turkey.”  Sign Up Here. 
  • If you’re looking for a CSAUP event, sign up for the GORUCK Challenge in Chapel Hill October 10/11.  Can’t beat the price.  On second thought, don’t.  Its probably too hard.