12 PAX, including FNG Spud, came out to Endorphin for a cool 60 degree run.  Its starting to feel like football season!  The run started in the dark with a clear full moon (the days are definitely getting shorter), zero humidity, and nothing holding us back from setting a bunch of PRs.  Everyone managed a sub 10 minute pace today.  Not a big accomplishment for most, but for the guys in the rear it was monumental 🙂  We welcomed FNG Spud who came out pretty well considering he tried to name himself Killer.  Shaggy will have to draw the line for how we got to Spud (I heard something about Spud McKenzie).  We finished up with some stretching and COT.  No injuries so we’ll call it a win 🙂  Great work by all!

PS: If anyone knows the PAX i’m missing let me know so I can change the post.