The streak was broken this morning with a record 15 pax posting for the latest edition of the Judge.
After selecting partners, a quick debate about the prearranged route, we were off.

Here’s what they did…

Partner up, Run the Blue loop down to the Bridge.

Partner A runs up to the Highway bridge alternates between 20 crossfit merkins and 20 LBCs
Partner B does 20 burpees at the bottom then chases partner A
Run down and alternate partners until 4 trips up the hill have been completed.

Run to the Dojo.

Partner A in the dojo does 20 box jumps, 20 Derkins, 30 lbcs, 10 burpees then planks at entrance
Partner B runs loop around dojo then switches with partner A.

Alternate until 6:10 then run back to the parking lot.


-Strong work by all this morning. 4.25 miles covered by most. Great to see everyone pushing it and hope the first timers were inspired to plan a return trip. Also t-claps to Cinderella for venturing over from his temporary residence at Rex Hospital. Glad to hear the M and 2.0 are doing well.

-Great to have Gandalf in from Charlotte. Hope you found us #YoungGuns worthy.

-The Mexico Brothers (Ron and New) finally joined forces this am. It was like watching a synchronized diving performance.

-2nd F Bowling tonight 7-9 @ the alley.

Always an honor to lead you men.