17 Pax this morning on Roanoke Field.  With some strong showings from the Late Night Boys (Toobs, Honey Doo, and everybody’s favorite Front Man, Wendell Gee).

The Thang:

Warm Up-Jog ‘round the park; SSHs, Good mornings, Imperial Walkers, Standard Mericans

The Main Event:

All hands meet at sidewalk near Ben Johnson’s House.  Pile of equipment (KBs, Chong Li KB, Au Pair Dumbells, Chong Li Sand Bag, Cinderella Curl Bar, Cinderella Straight Bar, Sears Bar). Team 1 descend The Blind Side on the trot to Pavilion for lesser of 10 or max pull ups plus smattering of mericans.  Team 2 rep it out at the Equipment Pile.  Flapjack.  Team 1 Brian O’Driscolls up Strong Side to Dare Street carrying two surviving 15lbs medicine balls plus Todd, the 8 pounder donated by Lionel Todd moons ago.  Team 2 rep it out at the Equipment Pile.  Flapjack.

Mary–Mericans, Hello Dollies, High Slow Flutters



  • Team 1 and Team 2 were beasts charging up Dare Street on the run, breaking lines with medicine balls, all the way to Bickett Avenue.  Elmer Fudd took contact and went down hard but picked right back up and never lost the ball.  Back down for the return trip.  Never offside, exploding ahead after catching the ball on the full.
  • Brian O’Driscoll.  See here:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sMagbt6VJs0
  • Meanwhile, the Pile of the Equipment and the pull up bars at the pavilion quietly assess the butcher’s bill.  With grass field sprint to boot.
  • Great stuff.  This humble correspondent had fun.  Team 2 came together like Bad News Bears breaking training.
  • Announcements:  Bowl Tonight.  GoRuck October in Chapel Hill. Priced to move.  Link here:https://www.goruck.com/e/099ea04c-c82b-4c48-af5c-b078138ef4b1
  • Adolphus takes us out.  Good barometer on intensity of workout when the Adolphus is huffing and puffing his way through the COT.