14 PAX from the ‘Thrill enjoyed a surprise guest appearance from the good Friar Tuck


Side shuffle hop/alternating lunge/arm circles/BWS/merkins/mountain climbers


Warm up jog. Obey all posted cross walk regulations. Stop. Run 60% effort, then 90%, then 110%. (TI says this is mathematically impossible. Math PhDs know nothing).  Attack the BFH.  Stop mid-way up for dips/irkins/dirkins/dips. Reach the top.  Half o’ the PAX attack 4 flights of stairs (x2); 2nd half sit back and relax w/ BWS, dips & SSH.  Repeato.

Run down the other BFH.  Arrive at bball courts for game of horse.  Shooter forgot the basketball so PAX enjoyed 3-part pyramid: BWS/8-count bodybuilders/SSH.  TI’s math genius again kept us on track: even #s up, odd #s down.  Return run to playground enjoying SSH & Bernie burpees along the way.  Buddy-up for pullups (x10). Switch.  Repeato (x2). Finish up with LBCs/mountain climbers/Parker Peters/spiderman pushups.


  • Friar Tuck led us in prayer; included upcoming heart surgery for Seasoned Salt’s 2 children.
  • CH GRC scheduled for 10/10.  HCs include Adolphus & Dunphy (soft-HC from Coco?).
  • More encouraged to HC for the Carolina Blue GRC in our backyard.