A bit late on the pre-blast, but this weekend shall be full of great running opportunities for all F3 runners.  As outlined in the Challenge, we have a few runs, here is the outline:

* Saturday August 16th, 06:00 – Pre- Pullen Run (CK will be there, don’t let him run alone) – 4.5-6 miles 7:30->8:30/mile pace

* Saturday August 16th – 20:30 (pm) – Laurel Hills Park – 5 mile loop on greenway and ridge road.

* Sunday August 17th – 06:00 – Umstead Harrison Ave – 1 – 1.5 hours of running, route/distance tbd based on who shows up, estimated 6-10 miles.

* Sunday August 17th – 16:00 (pm) – North Hills Park, LSD – loop run from the park, across the halfpipe up the beast and continue on- expect 7-9 miles.

If you haven’t done a second triple down this summer, consider doing it this weekend.  There are 4 opportunities to run, and not much time left to get in your final training.