Shovel flag planted.  Check.  Mobile music equipment operational.  Check.  Genre voted on (it was Rock…so Tom Petty it was).  Check. Disclaimer noted. Check.   North Cary is a wonderful melting pot….we have Belgium dudes…in Stella, Atrois and Chimay….we have Rio….just back for Brazil and today we added FNG Damn Creole for the country of LoseEAnna with a little bit of above the Mason-Dixon Line.   FNG brought respect at 54 years of age and added to the geriatric Danger Zone scene as we had a 54, 53, 51, 50, 50, 49, 47….with only 2 sub 40s out of 9 PAX today.   Old guys Rock at Danger Zone.

Off we go.   We started with a twisted Indian run (we ain’t changed the name ya’ll) with two laps around the parking with with the PAX at the back doing 3 jump ups before sprinting to the front.  Circle up in the field for the warm up.

5 burpees OYO, 15 SSH, 5 burpees OYO, 15 good mornings, 5 burpees OYO, 15 imperial walkers, 5 burpees OYO, 15 My Main Man Fazio Arm Circles, 5 burpees OYO

jog to the basketball court

11’s.  Burpees counting down from 10 with Plank Jacks counting up.  Run 2 courts in between.  Prisoner squat when finished.

jog to the trail.  Lunge walk. 5 guys pick up Rocks.  Pandora continues to Rock.

head to the stairs.  Partner up.  P1 does curls wither Rock, P2 stairs. Flap Jack. P1 press, P2 stairs.  Flap jack.  Repeato.

Hit the trail…to the top of the hill…to cushy blue spot ford Mary.

15 crab position leg kicks, 15 lbcs, 15 WW2, 15 Freddy mercury’s, 15 Russian Hammers, 5 count six inches around the circle and 5 count planks around the circle.


welcome FNG Damn Creole….impressive first workout and good work by all today!

Saban closed use out with an excellent prayer.

always a pleasure leading the Danger Zone PAX.