A freshly minted shovel flag was planted in the fertile soil of Downtown Park in Southern Pines for the last unofficial Flagship. The training wheels are about to come off in the newest addition to the F3Nation lineup. After a few weeks of testing locations and getting the word out, the location is now  set with an excellent foundation already in place. Off we go…

The Thang:

Full lap around the park before warm-up

C.O.P. : Good Mornings x 15, Mountain Climbers x 15, Imperial Walkers x 15, Merkins x 15

Line up at end of field: 4 full length wind sprints with 5 burpees OYO after each one

The “L” McPherson: Split into 2 groups. 1 runs the edge of field in L pattern then stops for max reps until the other catches them, rotate. 10 stops in all. Exercises were LBCs, Star Jumps, Knee-Ups, Merkins & Burpees

Recovery job to the tennis courts

Peoples Chair for 90 seconds, Balls to the Wall x 20

Run the “M” pattern through all 3 courts 3 times through….then line-up on the side of one court

Bear Crawl Suicides across all 3 courts

Run to short wall: Irkins x 15, Dips x 15, Derkins x 15, Irkins x 10, Dips x 10, Derkins x 10

Jog back to field and circle up

“Ring of Fire” : 1 PAX calls the exercise & carries 35 lb Kettle Bell while others perform max reps. Each PAX gets a turn 2 times through

Mary : Dying Cockroach x 25, 6″ Leg Hold 5 count circle


Naked Moleskin:

-Another great crew for the final test run before next Saturday’s official launch with Crotch Rocket as the Q. They already have a Monday & Thursday going, same location a 5:30am. One of them is TFT, designed as an intentional training program to pass a military fitness test…excellent. 6 site Qs are committed, this is an expansion more than ready. It’s like the Nomad Q read Freed to Lead & posted at 4-5 Charlotte workouts, which he did. F3 Sandhills is a great blueprint to replicate. #builttolast

-T-claps to FNG Duffle Bag who is a 19 year veteran in the Army on a brief stay in Southern Pines before heading back to Fort Hood. Between passing through and being in the Army for half his life the name fit, great job Grillz. Was bummed he might not post again for some time, but then I was informed F3 is in San Antonio….who knew? #missionandpurpose

-T-claps to Captain D for getting this this rolling. Well done with the organization and as importantly getting others involved. #starfish

-Now F3 Nation can post at the coast with F3Wilmington & on your inland golf trips with F3Sandhills. #conveniencefactor