Another good turnout at the Nutcracker, but no FNGs.  Hopefully we can get back on track with getting some fresh blood out for next week.

Warm Up:  Short jog through the parking lot before circling up.  Consisted of:  SSH x 20, Hillbilly x10, Imperial Walker x 10, Fazio Arm Circles x 10 forward x 10 backwards.

We partnered up in groups of 2 and each group snagged up a rock from behind the fence where the drainage area is.  After that, we hit the pavement running out to the street for a tour in to the business park.  The partners rotated carrying the rock above their head to the first stop where everyone did 50 baby dips on the curb.  Back to running with the rock to the second stop where everyone did 50 squats with the rock above their head while the other partner did air chair.  At this point we were almost a mile in, but headed deeper in to the business park for another round of exercises.  Each partner ran with the rock overhead as long as they could, finally stopping at a parking lot where one partner did bicep curls with the rock and the other partner back pedaled about 70 feet and did 1 burpee.  That  partner then ran back to switch to doing bicep curls and the other partner back pedaled to the same spot and did 2 burpees.  This was repeated until a total of 6 consecutive burpees were done.  Everyone regrouped and switched rocks for the jog back stopping at the same spots for exercises.  The same sets of squats and air chair back at the first stop were followed by 50 to 75 baby dips at the last stop.  For the return to the school parking lot, one partner walked while doing tricep presses with the rock.  The other partner did 10 merkins and sprinted up to the other partner to switch exercises.  This was repeated several times until everyone had finally returned their rocks.

Mary: Partner 1 did 6 inch leg hold while partner 2 did 10 box jumps.  Each partner switched doing the same exercises for a total of 2 sets of each.

COT:  Prayer requests for some of our wives traveling to Vegas this week.