Apparently everyone was up late continuing to watch the Panthers season go down the drain.  Nonetheless, a solid workout for those that battled through the frigid 45 degree weather.

Warm Up:  Jog through the parking lot and around the track before circling up.  Warmup consisted of:  SSH x20, Windmill x20, Imperial Walker x 10, Hillbilly x10, Fazio Arm Circles x 10 forward x 10 backwards.

Time to get the shoulders warmed up by jogging over to the school for balls-to-the-wall with shoulder tap.  The Pax then walked up the stairs for a duck walk down the hill from crosswalk to crosswalk followed by another slow lap through the parking lot.  The main workout consisted of roughly 150 yard races down the long stretch on the right side of the school.  The Pax was split in sets of two with the winner doing 5 burpees and the loser doing 10 burpees.  We started with forward sprint, burpees, sprint back, and more burpees.  Next up was back peddle, burpees, back peddle back, and more burpees.  Final set was karaoke, burpees, karaoke back, and yes more burpees.  To wrap up, we headed to the playground for burnout reps.  First set consisted of 25 reverse rows on the monkey bars with partner 1’s feet on the shoulders of his partner.  After each partner did 25, we decreased the reps in increments of 5 down to roughly 5 or until we couldn’t do anymore.  For the last exercise, each partner followed the same reps of 25 down to 5 doing dips on the bench while putting his feet on the back of the partner in plank position.

Mary: Ran out of time/energy.

COT:  Prayer requests for a speedy recovery for Peak Week.