6 Pax came out for Flying J’s debut as Q.  Sadly, all of the ENT residents were taking a test, so attendance was a little down.
The Thang:
– Windmills, arm circles, calves, hammies, quads
Indian Run to Quad
– Abs on the quad: Hello Dollies, Rosadollies, LBCs, and Russian Hammers
Run to the playground
– 5 pull ups then 5 knee lifts, run to platform and do 5 plyometric merkens followed by 5 merken-twists, run back to monkey bars and repeat for a total of 3 times
Run back to quad for soul crushers
– 5 exercises of 10 each (Mountain climbers, jump lunges, tricep pushup, burpees, and heels to the heaven), in between each exercise some sort of run to the statue, first 2 were partner carries (alternate), then a run halfway, karaoke to the side, run the rest of the way karaoke back to the middle, run backwards halfway, karaoke to  the side, run backwards and karaoke back to middle (did that twice) and then for the last one a straight run.
-Finished with a circle of exercises (mountain climbers, merkens, baby seals, jumps with heels to butt, la cucaracha, and I can’t remember the 6th.